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The Leader 1, Challenge Of The Gobots robots ~ Zulhilmi Mohamad Salim

(Left: Zulhilmi(Leader One), Middle: Chivan (The Scooter), Right:Tritipal Singh (Cy-Kill!!!!Evil Monster)

The Leader One, Challenge Of the Gobots Robots is a cartoon series which hits thousand of children in 70's or 80's. It's a robotic cartoon which is much alike Transformer...Only it is much much more simplifier appearance. The plots of the story is the good gobots VS bad gobots. That's All!!

I'm not a big fan of the movie. In fact i already forgot the name of the movie until i started this blog last year. A friend of mine was exchange conversation in Cbox (Sound like another robots...)and bring up this character. It's between Lai Keh How & Zulhilmi Mohamad Salim. My old primary & Secondary schoolmate.

I do remember Zulhilmi but i don't know who is azhelmy...(His nick name kot). My memory about Zulhilmi is mostly in standard 5 or 6 although we still study same school up to form's a way back almost 20 years! But the little funny things about memory@Brain is you will never forgot anything you keen, interest, happy, sad etc in your life as it's only store in some place you couldn't retrieve it back. When the secret code is suddenly opened, you will like little child running to get his toys in the store up stair!

In my mind, Zulhilmi is a naughty boy. Together with his friends Triptipal Singh they are the monster and most fearful students!!! They are just disturbing people and you wish they will never come near you!! I witness Cikgu Ho (Zaaba)"Sebat" zulhilmi buttock before in front of me...thats why i remember him very well in that occasion..hahahaha....

"Active" boy is always grow up become someone. That's i believe. Zulhilmi is a very good example. The Name "Zulhilmi" in my mind is a boys running wildly, attend classes in all sweating cloth. But his jobs now is very much respected! M3nergy Malaysia sdn.bhd, Maintenance & Engineering, Oil & Gas, Blok A 18 MTJA Carigali-hess, Kota Baharu, Malaysia ..... he is a offshore oil & gas engineer.

(The special one with sunglasses)

(look very enjoying his jobs)

(Anyone interest to work here???? Call zulhilmi)

No wonder he can surf web in daily basic and running wild all over our friends website to leave a comments of note.

He is now staying at 4 Jln PP 8/12, Taman Putra Perdana Puchong, Malaysia 47100. Already married with ex-Methodist Junior ~ Norazlinda and currently have two......Cat in his house! See his facebook here.

The below 2 items is special gift for my friends Zulhilmi.
Keep in touch friends.

(I know you want this toy badly from Lai Keh How, so take this first. Its Free!!!)

(This is Zulhilmi today!!!!!!!)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hitam Manis?? Not anymore after Wangsa Maju

The late Abdel Aziz Hassan Abdraman

I do believe we are racist in natural. Deny it as hard as you can, but you will have to agree with it when you have to deal it personally. If the fact is something in natural then what's wrong with racist?

Racist will be a very serious matters when the thinking and natural sense converted into ACTION (Verbal or Physical). That's what been happened in the recent case where an African student from Chad. African undergraduate, HELP University College, Abdel Aziz Hassan Abdraman, 22,was brutally murdered just because of his color.

Click Here, Here

I have posted about the racist issue toward "black" African in the very early blogging time. Click here. IN that case, ACTION taken by segment of public community is already alarming as its provoke public to reject and chase away "Black" Africans although suspect is only taken to police station for "suspecting" in a murder case. But luckily at the end, the "Black" Africans suspect released and the real murder is a Malaysian Chinese chief.

For Wangsa Maju Case, It's started with harassment for 3 to 4 days (Verbal action) and then clash with violent(Physical). It is because mind and action being connected and function without logically mind create a evil.

I was asking myself, Am i racist toward black people also??? Honestly I think is a YES.

1. I am one of many Malaysian who criticise US treatment of the Black Community. Holding a spirit of freedom, fair, equals and be nice to all....we condemn US. But for the past 1 years my residential area have been "Internationalize". Lots of Bangladesh (Cleaner worker), Chinese nation especially ladies (Small business or "other" business, Thai national (Thai Fair worker) and most important "Black" people...(I don't know how to differentiate them Negro, black or African)

But when myself facing these "international" people and not to mention some very irritating cultural from them. I just wish Malaysia is only for Malaysian....So i was started thinking, what is the different between me and US community(white)?

2. I am also Irritated whenever approached by "Black" people selling imitation goods especially "expenses" Rolex watches or belt whenever having meal in food court.

3.The natural of their body size and the cultural of how they talk is somehow making me feel very insecure.

4.Taxi drivers say they prefer not to fetch "Black" customers because too many bad experience....Leaving without paying, rob by them, fake money etc

5.Black people certainly have a lots of good quality also. Most of the students came here are on Medical & Islamic studies. But because we don't know how to different Negro, Black, African etc... we always group them under One Race or same race.

But For Sure, I won't connect all those "thinking" with "ACTION". I believe we must keep in mind, never connect it together.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tee Keat dares Kit Siang

Show proof, Tee Keat dares Kit Siang


MCA vice-president Datuk Ong Tee Keat today challenged DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang to prove his allegation that police reports lodged by members of an MCA division in Selangor had led to the detention of DAP’s Seputeh MP Teresa Kok under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

“After Lim Kit Siang’s allegation a few days ago, we conducted investigations and found the allegation to be untrue. I challenge him to show proof that MCA asked its members to lodge police reports against Teresa Kok. This is totally untrue.

“If he can’t show proof, then he should apologise, not only to the MCA but also to the people and the Chinese community,” Ong told reporters after the opening of the Selangor MCA Convention by party president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting, at the party headquarters here today.

Tee Keat, who is contesting the MCA presidency next month, said Lim’s failure to show proof or apologise would result in MCA initiating further action against the senior opposition party leader.

Asked on the nature of the action, he said: “We will decide on it when we cross the bridge.”

Tee Keat said Lim’s allegation was irresponsible and was intended to create confusion not only among the Chinese community but also Malaysians at large over MCA’s stand on the ISA.

“We have all along said that the ISA needs a comprehensive review. We have talked about it in the Cabinet and the Barisan Nasional supreme council (meetings). And we are not hoping for the DAP to be thankful for that.

“We need to expose the kind of politics the DAP plays. We are giving them a reasonable time-frame to furnish proof, failing which Lim Kit Siang should apologise,” said Tee Keat, who is also the transport minister.

Teresa Kok was detained on Sept 12 under the ISA and released last Friday.

On another note, Tee Keat, who is also Selangor MCA chief, said that since the state was now in the hands of the opposition, the Selangor MCA must re-orientate its position to play the role of an effective watchdog on the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) government.

“In this respect, the inculcation of public awareness on issues through political education is of utmost importance. MCA, being one of the mainstream parties, should in no way deviate from our core concerns of politics that is deemed to have influenced all aspects of life of our entire populace,” he added.

He said that as the opposition in Selangor, MCA’s focus was on serving and engaging the multi-racial community “before we can effectively come out from the doldrums of mono-ethnic polity”. He said the party was now facing an unprecedented acid test, especially after the debacle it suffered in the March 8 general election, and it was important that MCA stayed united.

“There is no room for discord and disunity. But we should allow sufficient latitude for healthy competition and the flourishing of diverse views in the name of democracy,” added Tee Keat.

This time I support Genius Ong Tee Keat move as the accusation from Lim Kit Siang (DAP) is a very serious one. Not only Lim Kit Siang trying to damage a rival political party (if the accusation found untruth), he also put the controversy person who make the police report in life danger.

The person who said making police report about the petition from Teresa Kok (Which Teresa Kok have denied it)and prompt police to use ISA arrest teresa kok is a Chinese Man.

I wish not to elaborate more about the person but do some Google searching or surf some Sri serdang, puchong or Kinrara web, you will see the person is quiet frequent appear with a former assemblyman. Currently he is said working as Special assistant to a BN assemblyman for Chinese affairs.

1. Because the person is always associated with Former Mca assemblyman, doesn't mean he must be a MCA member. Same apply to those who support and working together with DAP not necessary is DAP members.

I have been joining and working together with MCA for some of its programs as committee member continuously until today. But the fact is I'm not a MCA member.

2.The person is really in life danger if Lim kit siang continuously bring up the issues as i have went through some comments on blogs or website...most of the people are angry coz he is a chinese and labelled as "Running dog" or Traitors to chinese community.

Do we want to see another person life suffer in return of Teresa Kok release? How many people we want to drag on? Stop the game as Theresa Kok have released and please concentrate on suing the police, minister or government!

KALIMULLAH HASSAN: The colours of Malaysia

Article from NST,click Here

KALIMULLAH HASSAN: The colours of Malaysia
By : Kalimullah Hassan

THIS is a sad cartoon.

Those who grew up on Lat's cartoons can see the tragedy in this portrayal of Malaysians seeking asylum under the flag from the divisive lexis.

Tragedy, because Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid, or Lat, has, for the last 35 years, always been the idealistic Malaysian, and his cartoons have always portrayed the Malaysia he grew up in and the Malaysia we dream of.

I have always been enamoured of Lat's cartoons because they are colour-blind.

True, it was not all glorious sunshine in our country; we did live through the madness of May 13 when Malaysians killed Malaysians.

But save for that stint of insanity in our history, we have largely had good years.

I want to remember the good things we had, the good friends we had, and much as I am beginning to dislike using this phrase, "from all races".

The childhood I had in my hometown Kroh (Pengkalan Hulu now) and Penang, was similar to that of Lat in Perak.

I had friends from every race, I think, except in those days, we normally thought of each other as just friends, not as members of different racial groups.

Today, most of us still keep in touch and though we do not meet as regularly, we are still friends. You see that in Lat's cartoons over the last three decades as he rolls out his own life story.

Where did we take that wrong turn in nationhood that we ended seeking refuge under the flag?

I was in Australia last week and my two children, who study there, broke fast at a Thai restaurant, with my son's girlfriend, Mel, and another one of their friends, MJ, who is staying with them.

My mobile phone kept beeping and I received several emails on my Blackberry. As I read them, I started getting agitated and placed a few calls to Kuala Lumpur.

My daughter caught snatches of the conversation and asked whether there was a problem back home. I try to keep such things away from the children but am learning to accept that they are grown up and know what's going on.

So I told them about the racial tensions, about the politicians up in arms, at each other's throat, and the stupid, idiotic and dangerous things that had been said.

My son was upset and said: "What's wrong with them, Pa? Are they crazy?"

My daughter felt they were dangerous and should be locked up.

MJ said: "Why are they like that, Uncle? We all muhibbah here in Melbourne..."

Mel just could not understand why people say what they say about each other.

MJ and my daughter said they would go back to Malaysia and change things through politics. And that's when I told them: "No."

It is politicians who sparked off May 13 and it is politicians who have been central, almost all the time, in raising religious and racial tensions over the last four decades since May 13. Some of the May 13 culprits are still around.

I am beginning to believe you cannot change politicians because politics changes even the best among them. The Tunku Abdul Rahmans and the Tun Ismails are rare in modern Malaysia and few and far between.

Politics, I told them, was now a miserable and not honourable trade because our politicians from either side of the divide seem to care more about power than the people and country they took an oath to serve.

Maybe I am just dispirited because of what politics has done to the country, especially since the March 8 general election. Maybe I am disillusioned that there are too few good men and too many megalomaniacs out there.

Who ever heard of those who lost an election trying to grab power? Yet, nary is a voice from civil society raised over attempts to thwart the will of the people by buying over elected representatives with promises of position and money to topple a legitimately elected government.

If these people whom we gave our trust to can be bought and sold like goods over the counter, what will stop them from selling our country?

Well-known Canadian-born feminist Shulamith Firestone said: "Power, however it has evolved, whatever its origins, will not be given up without a struggle."

That is why I fear for my country. I wonder whether those who want to grab power realise that those who have been in power will not allow it to be taken away through illegitimate means.

They won't give it up without a struggle. Without a fight. And when people get desperate, they do desperate and dangerous things.

Desperate politicians in Malaysia -- from both sides -- have the tendency to resort to using race and religion to shore up themselves. It has happened before and it happened again over the last few weeks.

I listened to the children for the rest of the dinner and marvelled at their innocence, at their inability to grasp why people should look at each other and evaluate each other by race, religion or colour.

Inside, like Lat must have felt when he drew the cartoon, I felt a great sadness because I knew that one day soon enough, they would finish their education, come home to Malaysia.

And if things had not changed, and it's unlikely they would have, they, too, would eventually get a little influenced, become a little prejudiced and lose a little of their innocence.

Both Mel and MJ are Chinese, one from Taiping and the other from Batu Pahat. Mel sometimes sleeps over with my daughter and another flat-mate, Suraya, a sweet girl who carries the yasin (prayer book) in her bag.

Together with my children, MJ, Mel and Suraya wake up for sahur at dawn, and when possible, they break fast together.

They will find it a little disconcerting to be referred to as Chinese, Pathans and Malays because until now, they just find comfort in hanging out together because in their mind, they are just Malaysians in a foreign land.

They are children. They will learn the hard way.

Maybe I have become too cynical. I often wonder what people would say if I were to ask them "what race are you?"

Take my nephew, Johan, for example. My brother is a Pathan, his wife is Chinese. Johan looks every bit a Chinese. What colour is he and what race does he belong to?

Take our prime minister. On his mother's side he has Chinese blood. On his father's side, he has Arab and Malay blood. What is he?

His late wife, Datin Seri Endon Mahmood, was born to a Malay father and a Japanese mother. So what race are his children Nori and Kamal, both of whom are often mistaken as Chinese? What colour are they?

My wife is of Malay, Gujarati and Sinhalese descent. What race are our children? And what race would their children be if they marry a Chinese, Kadazan or Iban?

My friend Mervin is a Malayalee from Kuala Lumpur. He married a Kadazan from Sabah. They live in Hong Kong.

Their daughter, Natasha, married Reza, a Shia Muslim, originally from Iran, born in Pakistan and who moved to London. Both are working in Singapore now. What race is Natasha and what race would her's and Reza's children be?

I could go on, Lat. I really could go on about Ayub, the Indian Muslim, and Alya Chew, his Chinese wife, about Bashir Ahmad and his Caucasian wife, about my long-time friend Maniam @ Wong Joon San s/o Alagan, a Bahai from Muar, who married his Chinese sweetheart Jenny, and who are staying in Hong Kong now.

They are all Malaysians. What race are they? What colour are they?

Our first prime minister was part Thai; the second Bugis; the third part Turkish, the fourth of Indian descent and the fifth a mixture of Chinese, Malay and Arab.

And if we are all migrants, who is the Malaysian?

I don't think the racists, the bigots and the majority of the politicians will learn.

Martin Luther King Jr had a dream. He said:

"I look forward confidently to the day when all who work for a living will be one with no thought to their separateness as Negroes, Jews, Italians or any other distinctions.

"This will be the day when we bring into full realisation the American dream -- a dream yet unfulfilled;

"A dream of equality of opportunity, of privilege and property widely distributed; a dream of a land where men will not take necessities from the many to give luxuries to the few;

"A dream of a land where men will not argue that the colour of a man's skin determines the content of his character;

"A dream of a nation where all our gifts and resources are held not for ourselves alone, but as instruments of service for the rest of humanity;

"The dream of a country where every man will respect the dignity and worth of the human personality."

America has changed enough to be able to accept that a black may one day be its president but still, in many parts of the country, racial and religious prejudices are thick. But America has had nationhood for more than 230 years.

Many of us have a dream too. But 230 years is too long a time...

Sungai Siput on September 08 ~ 06 ~ Randomly

Beside this building (Persatuan hun Kang) is Sungai Siput Taxi Station...i think it is almost 40 years above!!

I always told my friends, this is one of the place we should held our head high... Pusat Giat Mara. When it first started, the place look like pondok pengajian kursus. Nows it already have its own building and if i not mistaken, Sungai Siput Pusat Giat Mara is the only Pusat Giat in Malaysia offering automotive engeneering certificate!

This is my Form 6 School, Sekolah Menengah Tok Muda Abdul Aziz (STMAA). Certainly nowsday the place is having more new building and new facilities... Most of the students is coming from felda, Perlop or sekolah kebangsaa sungai siput....that's why it is 99.9 % malay students secondary school!

In the morning Kafe Teratai is one of the most busiest place in Sungai Siput. It's located behind Maybank Sungai Siput. ..... again if not mistaken the place own by Tan Lian Hoe, Ketua Wanita Nasional from Parti Gerakan!!! (Correct me if i'm wrong)

Main Entrance to Kampung Sg Buloh (Sg Siput .....not Selangor)...

Many years ago, this place is a Cinema. Then it been converted to become restaurant....Don't know the upper floor still got Video game machine or not.....

Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Siput.....This is my "Vote Station" everytime got election!

Sungai Siput LandMark!! Klinik Kesihatan Sungai Siput. This place exist more than 40 years kot.... Our "most Naughty" friends Tritipal Singh house is just beside this place (Berek Balai Polis)

This is a very suspicious building for me. Just in front of Sungai Siput main Mosque. Most of the time i saw the place vacant & unused. I believe it is UMNO building coz last time i saw many UMNO flag around it.

Our School!!! Now only i know our Motto have changed to "Komuniti Berilmu Perak Terbilang".... The only motto i know during school time is "PERAK NO 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kolej Komuniti Sungai Siput. Just in front of Pusat Giat Mara. If not mistaken again & again.... Kolej komuniti sungai siput have been relocated to Hospital Sungai Siput area....

This is Sungai Siput landmark also..... Clock Tower. In front Mahkamah Majistreet or opposite Shell & Caltex Petrol Station

This is nostalgia landmark!!! This rocket been there much earlier than my date of birth.... Kubu Kuat DAP...

How can I forget this "laksa" stall and now "Laksa Restaurant". From wooden hut become concrete structural, we been hanging and lepak here frome time to time.....miss the laksa...must try next trip.

Part of some Housing project going on in sungai siput.....

Something never change....u still can see mountain surrounded sungai Siput town....

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The Sun ~ Easier said than done

A good article for better understanding about overtake government, calling for fresh general election, The ultimate role of agong etc...

Please Read for not illustrated by politician today. Click here

Sungai Siput on September 08 ~ 05 ~ Ibu Pejabat Balai Polis Sungai SIput

Sungai Siput Balai Polis have been confirmed relocated to new area. When? I don't know but i guess it earlier than July 2008... Is it permanent? Don't Know either.

This matters really made me questioning why the relocation is needed. For the past few decade, Balai polis Sungai Siput is located in the middle of the town. It is most convenience, strongly sense of police presence to maintain security, Beautiful (it been undergo major renovation last time...maybe 10 years ago...?) and one of the landmark for sungai siput town.

Now if you see the below picture, the "new" police station is far from being better than previous location. Location wise is least for 5-10 years from now. That area is too far from town. For those stay at Jalong Tinggi, Rasah or Sg guy have to travel from south point to north point of sungai siput map!

Structural Failed. I know police @ kementerian Dalam Negeri have announced that in future police station might be your housing neighbour or shop lot neighbour. But i really don't think the "new" police station have any better point than the previous.

About dozen of double storey shop lot plus numbers of single Terrance house have been fenced as police station area. Friendly neighbour? I have no idea how big is the area but one thing for sure, it doesn't look like a proper police station and police hostel. Its give me feeling that the developer of the housing area have been gladly sold a big portion of the area to police station as occupant rate for his project is too low.....demand too low.

And the most important question is What they going to do with the old police station at middle of the town?

I do hope the "new" police station will only be temporary relocated same as Balai Bomba.. Because the whole scenario giving me impression that the Superior landmark of Sungai Siput police station have been exchanged with some inferiors deal.

The old Police Station at middle of the town... likes abandon homes

New Police Station attached with shoplot...

Fenced area are belongs to police Station

Main Entrance to Police station... Behind you can see got housing area... Part of the housing area + double storey shoplot are fenced as "New Police Station"

Old police station is at middle of the town , just beside river and balai bomba. Now it had been relocated to northern area further up after Hospital Sungai Siput.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kenyataan Nik Abdul Aziz Yang Di ‘Haramkan’~ from blogger kickdefella

Is this a new development in PAS??? Signal of some internal bricking among top leader?? Well UMNO, MCA & Gerakan, look like you are not alone now...

Although i not comfortable with PAS ideology, i do have respect for 2 people. First is Nik Aziz and second is Husam Musa.

Click Here


1. Saya telah membaca dengan teliti pandangan Pesuruhjaya PAS Terengganu yang kali ini lebih gemar menggunakan nama beliau sebagai pengamal dan penganalisis politik daripada bertindak sebagai seorang Pesuruhjaya PAS Negeri. Walaupun sewaktu beliau berdiri sebagai penganalisis politik dalam mana-mana waktu sekalipun, pada saya, beliau tetaplah Pesuruhjaya PAS Negeri Terengganu. Baik dalam keadaan berdiri, duduk, atau berbaring, Mustafa bin Ali adalah seorang Pesuruhjaya PAS.

2. Dengan demikian, mahu tidak mahu pandangan beliau itu tetap mencerminkan pandangan PAS Terengganu. Lebih mendukacitakan lagi ialah apabila pandangan beliau ini bersifat anti keputusan Muktamar. Sekaligus, ia menentang arus Syura yang memutuskan untuk mengukuhkan Pakatan Rakyat dan tidak sebaliknya seperti yang sedang dilakukan oleh Mustafa Ali. Dalam respons dan setiap ayat yang digunakan, saya tidak nampak sikap Mustafa yang boleh mengukuhkan Pakatan Rakyat seperti yang diputuskanoleh Muktamar secara “standing ovation”.

3. Sepatutnya tugas pemimpin termasuk Pesuruhjaya ialah mendukung dan mengukuhkan keputusan Muktamar. Sifat rajin mengeluarkan kenyataan walaupun tidak disuruh adalah sesuatu yang aneh dan menghairankan. Lebih-lebih lagilah ia mencanggahi keputusan Muktamar. Sepatutnya ceramah atau temuramah bersifat lanjutan kepada keputusan Muktamar.

4. Saya membuat perbandingan antara kenyataan Mustafa di muka surat 1 dan 3 Utusan Malaysia, 11 September 2008 dengan kenyataan Dato’ Johari Baharom, Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri sendiri termasuk kenyataan PM sendiri dalam Berita Harian pada hari yang sama. Mesejnya sama iaitu tidak ada apa yang akan berlaku pada 16 September 2008 iaitu “tidak mungkin ada undi tidak percaya kerana Parlimen tidak bersidang.” Sentimen Mustafa yang “terus terang tidak yakin adanya bilangan sebanyak 30 orang yang akan melompat parti” betul-betul serupa dengan nada Presiden Umno. Betul-betul serupa.

5. Lidah Mustafa boleh dikatakan sudah menjadi lidah Umno. Kita kena faham bahawa lidah ini adalah jurubahasa kepada hati. Jika begitu keadaannya apa yang ada dalam hati, maka lebih baik terang-terang sokong Umno. Hujah untuk “meredakan keresahan rakyat” yang digunakan oleh Mustafa tidak tepat. Apa yang tepat ialah kita kena tanya rakyat resah kerana apa? Jawabnya, rakyat resah kerana pimpinan di bawah Umno selama ini telah menimbulkan seribu satu macam keresahan. Usaha Pakatan Rakyat yang sama-sama sedang didukung oleh PAS, PKR dan DAP ini adalah usaha untuk memulihkan keresahan rakyat. Pemulihan dan keyakinan akan berlaku apabila Pakatan Rakyat menguasai di peringkat Pusat. “Cross over” kepada Pakatan Rakyat yang menuju ke arah peralihan kuasa sama ada 16, 17, 18, 19 atau 20 September 2008 hendaklah menjadi agenda setiap orang : agenda setiap Pesuruhjaya PAS Negeri termasuklah Mustafa bin Ali. Inilah semangat Muktamar yang telah kita sama-sama putuskan secara sebulat suara. “Standing ovation” itu adalah sebulat suaralah tu. Keputusan Muktamar ini, bukan kerja main-main.

6. Apa tujuan kita adakan kursus, seminar, ceramah, tamrin, usrah, doa, sembahyang hajat, munajat, pagi, petang, siang dan malam kalau tidak kerana untuk menumbangkan sebuah pemerintahan yang tidak cenderung kepada Islam. Jika Umno hendakkan Islam, sudah lama dia laksanakan Islam.

7. Saya tidak fahamlah bila Mustafa menyebut bahawa dia bercakap secara bebas dan pendirian beliau bertaraf peribadi; bukan atas kapasiti seorang pemimpin PAS. Pada saya, beliau adalah Pesuruhjaya PAS Terengganu. Dalam Islam, seseorang itu hanya boleh mempunyai satu sahsiah saja. Sesiapa yang cuba bermain-main dengan dua atau lebih rupa sahsiah, tidak layak menjadi pemimpin gerakan Islam. Sebab itu, Islam selalu menekankan soal tauhid, yakni penyatuan segala perkara di atas satu dan menuju kepada satu. Dalam PAS, tidak ada dua wajah sahsiah. Jika ada juga, maka ia sesuai untuk mewakili Umno.

8. Jika Dr. Mahathir pernah berkata bahawa ia tersalah pilih Perdana Menteri maka dalam konteks ini boleh jadilah Terengganu sudah tersalah pilih seorang Pesuruhjaya. Dalam akhir ayat Mustafa Ali, ada juga saya terbaca beliau menyifatkan isu ini timbul disebabkan keghairahan satu pihak untuk mengambil alih kerajaan. Di sini, saya cukup tidak fahamlah. Seolah-olah pada Mustafa, adalah satu kesalahan apabila kita ghairah nak gantikan kerajaan secara demokrasi. Sejak bila pula Mustafa jadi begini? Kita kena faham bahawa isu menghuruharakan ini timbul kerana sejak 50 tahun Umno memimpin negara, rakyat tidak dipimpin dengan jelas dan betul dari segi Islam atau demokrasi. Keadilan tidak diberi kepada orang-orang Melayu, Cina, India, Siam atau Kadazan. Ini yang kita ghairah untuk menggantikan kerajaan. Kita bawa Islam kerana Islam itu adil. Islam itu untuk keamanan dan kesejahteraan seluruh kaum yang bermastautin di Malaysia. Apabila nampak bahawa Kerajaan BN/Umno sudah panik dan resah sehingga terpaksa melarikan 50 Wakil Rakyat, maka pada saya, ini adalah petanda kejayaan. Tak tahu lah pula saya kenapa Mustafa Ali terpaksa bersusah payah untuk menjelaskan situasi sebenar demi meredakan. Meredakan hati siapa? Hati pemimpin Umno?

9. Dalam keadaan beginilah hati saya cepat-cepat teringat tentang HARAKAH. Saya tak dapat bayangkan bagaimana HARAKAH boleh memainkan peranan sebagai lidah rasmi parti dan organ parti, apabila orang nombor satu yang merupakan Pesuruhjaya PAS Terengganu ini telah mengambil sikap membelakangi keputusan Muktamar. Saya percaya, ini sedikit sebanyak akan mempengaruhi pojok, cerita, berita dan analisis yang dibuat. Dengan dibenarkan penerbitan dua kali seminggu maka lebih cepat lagilah ia boleh merosakkan imej HARAKAH. Pada logiknya, pembaca HARAKAH akan berkurangan. Saya fikir suatu keputusan perlu dibuat mengenai perkara ini.

10. Saya sebenarnya masih mahu mengambil sikap bertangguh dari terlalu cepat mengemukakan respons. Dengan begitu, saya akan cuba ikuti lagi apa rentak yang akan dibawa oleh pemimpin seperti Mustafa Ali. Saya percaya, mungkin ada satu atau dua orang lagi yang bersama dengan beliau. Selaku orang tua dalam parti, saya telah mengikuti orang penting dan orang yang tidak penting keluar masuk ke dalam parti. Bahkan Allahyarham Dato’ Haji Asri Muda sekalipun pernah meninggalkan Parti PAS. Pada waktu itu beliau adalah di kerusi Presiden. Beliau akhirnya masuk Umno dan semua orang tahu bagaimana beliau mengakhiri karier politiknya.


Bertarikh : 11 Ramadhan 1429
11 September 2008.

p/s Kenyataan di atas telah diarah ditarik siarannya dari Harakah. Terdapat tangan-tangan hitam di puncak Raja Laut yang begitu taksub dengan UMNO sehingga tindakan mereka pun sudah sama dengan UMNO.

Sungai Siput on September 08 ~ 04 ~ Balai Bomba

I have raised question about what had happened to our Balai Bomba Sungai Siput in the July posting. Click here

This time i pay full attention when passing by the location and found out a billboard had been put up compare to last time.

Well it is "Menaik taraf & Membaiki" works.

Meaning The Balai Bomba is not relocate but temporary move away for a "better" facilities.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sungai Siput on September 08 ~ 03 ~ Bazaar Ramadan

Finally I am able to visit sungai siput official and biggest Bazaar Ramadan. Although I know the "New" venue have been started one or two year ago, I never have opportunity visit it. My last memory of Sungai Siput Bazar Ramadan is at Pasar Besar(along KFC restaurant).

The "New" official venue is just in front of Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Siput (U) Perak or Beside JKR sungai siput. You will notice the place when you drive along Jalan Besar toward town.

This venue is certainly bigger and have more tenants than last time.

To my surprise the items are sold very very very cheap. Most of the kuih is only RM 1.00 for 3 pcs but daging Ayam is normal price as KL.

I walk around the area and glad to see "Muhibbah" is still very much alive in Sungai SIput. No matter which angle you are looking, you can see chinese, indian and malays people. The tenants is also quiet mix up. There is malays, indian muslim and to my surprise..."Mak Nyah" also ada ...don't know how to spell it.

I'm not sure whether i did saw my old friend... Zulkiflee nick name "Ayam". He is my class mate in form 4. "Ayam" is his nick name because his family are selling chicken meat at Pasar Besar. His family face is very similiar especially his brother, i don't dare to go infront and say hallo....

I believe the venue can be promoted to become bigger and more successful.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sungai Siput on September 08 ~ 02 ~ TF Value Mart Hypermarket

This is the latest image of our Sungai Siput Latest and biggest Hypermarket. TF VALUE MART. It's located in Jalan Rasah..(Further down From lim cheah Seing biscuit factory) The hypermarket was brought in by Keris Properties where they developing the whole area to become the second main town area.

In the developer planning, there will be waterfront business center, Hawker center, Shoplot, Banglore, Semi-D and most important our old bus station at Pasar Utama will be relocated to this area!!!

For those who want to invest back to Siput Home, the price range is from RM35,000 to RM 350,000.00!!!!!!

Nowsday most people are going shopping at this hypermarket and very seldom going to The Store at town. Even my mom are going there at least 3 times a day...... buying 1 items 1 times..

The Hypermarket are far more comfortable than The Store and pricing is incredible quite cheap compare to others big player. However the complex area are still in developing stages. That why you can see the hypermarket putting all their goods at the outer space to cover the empty space.....And we got our first Marry Brown at here too!

Hope more complexes will come to sungai siput and slowly our town can develop...and thats time Surely i want to go back to have own career...