Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hiking at Bukit Tabur West -Taman Melawati Kuala Lumpur

Bukit Tabur (Tabur Hill) is too famous and hardly need to be introduced. Hundred and thousand blogs and photo can easily be found on google. Below are some general fact about bukit tabur;

1. Bukit Tabur is also known as Bukit Hangus or Backbone dragon hill
2. Recorded as Worlds longest Crystal Quartz-Rich ridge (16 km)
3. One side is Klang gate Dam & Gombak Forest Reserve, Another side is Kuala Lumpur urban city view
4. Tabur Hill West is about 200 Meter above sea level
5. Hiking is about 3-4 hours to complete
6. Bukit Tabur is also one of the highest rated accident hiking venue.
(latest happened in September 2011)
7. Its a place of combination hiking (80%) and climbing (20%) experience

Below address can consider as official bukit tabur web;

How to get there?

1. from MRR2 - Bukit jalil to Kepong
2. After zoo negara on your right, keep left to go under bridge (Go to Taman Melawati)
3. Turn right(Giant Taman Permata is on your left) and straight to the shop lot, school & housing area.
4. First roundabout, turn left
5. Meet 2nd round about, go straight
6. Meet a T-junction turn right
7. Tricky split road and small road is here
8. .......i also get lost here....
9. open mouth and ask people where is "Klang Gates dam" or Puncak Niaga facilities
(Quite a lot of people jogging around here)
10. Maybe this will help

Personal experience about hiking at Tabur Hill West.

1. Hiking at Tabur Hill West is not really that difficult. Ironically to general believe, Bukit Tabur is in fact one of the most enjoyable hiking venue. Because it offer combination of hiking and climbing experience, its give a lots of time for us to take breath and relax. For me the first 10-15 minute is the only place make us breathless.

2. Its dangerous when you are not careful and not respect the natural. Yes, Bukit tabur is one of the worst ever highest accident place I've ever come across. Death and serious injury are happen here. if you have hike the place, you will know why its really important for hiker to be cautious all the time and don't be fool to joke around. If the accident rate still going up, i believe its matter of time before the authority declare the hill is dangerous and prohibited public to access it.

I come across group of students about 12 people hiking the same place on that day. What irritated me is this group of people really do not know how to respect the mother nature. First their attire is really not suitable. second, in the group, boys are pretending as hero and girls are pretending victims all the way. (So you can imagine how long they stop others going every inch of the movement being guild by the hero). thirds, every old folks will advice you not to shout, hard laughing or make noise in jungle.....All those general advice is basically overrule by this group.

3. For me there are 2 very dangerous spot. First is the famous number 9 checkpoint and the next one is after the check point 10. Really need some concentration to overcome it. Its just like going through Via ferrata experience. And this is also the most famous accident point.

4. The trail from entrance to check point 9 is easily identify. However after check point 10, the road to exit will be tricky. There are still about 2-3 small hill to climb before really heading to exit.

5. Exit from tabur hill is going through private fruits farm. Here just don't rush as its quite steep slope and slippery if rained. Its also will hurt your ankle if going too fast or wearing wrong shoe.

6. Once you see a hut, its indicate your hiking is almost complete..(There are Haagen Daaz ice cream advertising banner here!)

7. Total hiking time to complete...3 hours.

8. I Will be back for BUKIT TABUR EAST!


  1. Was planning to go to Bukit Tabur. This is a very helpful guide. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Help visitors to Bukit Tabur a lot.