Friday, August 01, 2014

Sungai Siput Hiking & Caving: Sri Shiva Shanmugar Cave Temple @ Gua Kelawar

**As this is a Holy Indian Temple place and personally i wish it can keep untouched as it now, I'm not intend to put the location map. Although many devotees or people around this area know this place well
** However in December every year(if not mistaken) there will be thousand of thousand devotees come here to pray at this temple by buses.

When i was a kids, my mum bring me to this place before. We cycle into estate and only motorbike or bicycle can reach this place. At that time we call it Gua Kelawar Sungai Siput. The entrance to the caves was not from current. I still remember many people go to this caves to see the Guan Yin look alike statue. I also still remember many people cut and bring back the thousand year stalactites and stalagmites as no one taking care the place. There are lots of seashell fossil indicated people lived here before... but dont know how many year ago.  Even some people call this place "Jalong Man"

Recently i found a very interesting blog about this place and i wanna visit it again.

I ask my mum friends who know how to go this place and show me the way. As i have read the above website, i understand the place already transform into indian temple.  However it still give me some unexpected memory.

1. I was surprise as the assistant temple guardian was my secondary schoolmate! Mr Murugan... But very shame that i didn't remember his name and recall the memory at that time.

2. I didn't expected the caves was indeed huge and have many stage. The end of the trail was really WOW! As there have a huge platform.. like cave inside caves...

Enjoy the photo i have taken. 

This is Sungai Siput Best Kept Secret after all.

Part 01: The Temple/Caves Entrance

Part 02: Inside The Temple- Praying Chamber

Part 03:Entering the caves - Old main entrance

This is the entrance we use last time

Part 04: To the Darkness of the caves

Part 05: The magnificent View and the Guan Yin Statue
(This is where i reach last last time)

Part 06: Top of the world via Caves inside Cave

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Liver donor goes into fulltime charity work | theSundaily

Liver donor goes into fulltime charity work | theSundaily

 KUALA LUMPUR: The 28cm-long L-shaped scar on her stomach is a sign that Lai Mei Yi, 27, has left a beautiful mark in life.

Lai, 27, donated 60% of her liver to 16-year-old Teng Cyun Shen who had been diagnosed with end-stage Caroli disease last November, a rare congenital disorder of the bile ducts in the liver.

Lai has now taken her charitable side one step further by being a volunteer at a temple which she has requested not be identified.

Lai, 27, who was formerly a salesperson, said the liver donation was a turning point in her life and she decided to make charity work her main career.

"I plan to go for further studies on Buddhism either locally or in Taiwan over the next four years before continuing to do more charity work as I hope to help more people," she told theSun today.
Early this year, Lai, who is from Sungai Siput, Perak, had decided to donate a portion of her liver to Teng after learning that he was in dire need of a transplant.

Teng, from Malacca, had been told by doctors that he only had between two and three months to live.
Over 10 people had also registered as donors upon learning of Teng's plight.

However, Lai was selected after various tests were carried out and results showed she was the most suitable candidate. Both of them then underwent a 12-hour liver transplant surgery at the National University Hospital, Singapore, on Feb 20.

The cost for the surgeries were funded by two local media organisations.
Asked whether she has any regret over this decision, Lai said she never had any regret.
"I will still make the same decision if you asked again," she said.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Samy Vellu: No more racial riots, Malaysians now more civilised, united

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu does not think that racial riots can recur because Malaysians are more civilised and united and live in peace.

"Very frankly, I tell you, such a thing would not happen anymore because today Malaysians are so united and we work together and we eat together.

"I don't think in this country you can talk about races anymore.

"Malaysians are very civilised now ... and there are no races in this country but one Malaysian race.

"When I die, I won't die as an Indian but I will die as a Malaysian," he told a press conference here.

Samy Vellu, the former Works Minister and MIC president, was asked to comment on a warning by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin that racial riots may happen again if ties between the country's ethnic communities continued to be strained.

Samy Vellu, now the Special Envoy for Infrastructure to India and South Asia, said Malaysians should treat the past racial riots as a dream and forget it.

On another matter, Samy Vellu said the 9th International Conference of Tamil Studies would be held at the end of January next year at the Universiti Malaya.

He said the four-day conference would gather Tamil language and literature experts and scholars to share and exchange views on empowering the Tamil language.

 "It is anticipated that the conference will provide a positive impact on the development of Tamil language and literature in Malaysia and the rest of the world.

 "It is also expected to breathe new life into Tamil schools and pupils in the country," he said. - Bernama

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hiking : Part 2 - Gunung Nuang 1,498 metres (4,898 ft) Miracle survive and Giving up

1. From Cheras-Kajang Highway, Turn left to Batu 9 road after passing the toll
2. Go straight till reach traffic light (Police station) turn left
3. Go straight all the way..... long drive
4. By pass sungai congkak waterfall and toward Pangsoon Dam 
5. At the end of the road, you will see Gunung Nuang entrance arch at left.
GPS: N3.21639 E101.88369

1. After May survey, i call up my old friend, Tan Hua Ghee, Two x-mount kinabalu female, and Mr Yong for a real hike to Gunung Nuang Summit

2. I didn't bring DSLR camera, One Backpack and One liter of water..(Never bring less than 2-3 liter water for Gunung Nuang hike)... and some banana off course

3. We reach Gunung Nuang Entrance 645am and by 700am we started the hike

4. We took only 1.5 hours to reach Kem Lolo. Feeling great confident can reach Summit before 100pm. (Unwritten rules all hiker must know if we can't reach the summit before 100pm, we must start turn back to exit.)

5. Mr Yong, first casualty as he suffer cramp.... as we can't wait, he will rest and start walking back to car park while we continue...

6. From Kem Lolo to Kem Pacat its take around 1.5 hours. Its Tough..Started to feel the difficulty. When resting time, Quickly drink water and stretch my leg to prevent cramp...

7. From Kem Pacat to kem Pengasih is Nightmare + Hell!!!!!!  Its took another 1.5 hours. I named it KEM PEMBUNUH!!. Freaking Killing!!!!! Even before reach the Kem Pengasih, for the first time in my hiking career.... I surrender.. I say to my friend that i couldn't continue as my leg cramp till Thigh already and my back is feel hurt... I wanna turn back to exit... My friend give some moral support and by that time an angel was sent from heaven. A veteran stop by and offer me some salt..ORIS!!! After put into the little left over water, i drink it and feel immediately relieve a bit..... The ORIS really works to ease my pain.. I continue hike...

8. By 100pm pass 5 minute, We make it to the Gunung Nuang Summit!!! Yet there is nothing nice scenery to enjoy except the 2 little squirrel. The animal not afraid of human as too many hiker feed them with foods everyday...

9. After rest about 15 minute, we started to go down. We are very fortune as the weather was good and no rain. Looking at the path, we can predict what will happen if rain get in.

10. The most frustrated walk in whole life.... The road seem never end and like we will never reach station to station to exit..... After Kem LOLO, we all walk silently without much talk as very very tired and frustrated as the road seem never end...

11. I don't know what happen but my body suddenly feel great. My leg are ok, no more cramp and i feel full energy.. (maybe achieved reach the top, body no pressure).. 3 of my friend toe are pain and knee are pain... now my turn to wait for them....

12. We only reach car park at 700pm!!!!! exactly 12 hours hike!!!

13. The day after, one female in midnight have to see doctor for a pain killer injection on her knee. One female MC and another walk like zombie... Me?? Haha.... i don't feel any after hike effect... I can bend, can run can jump.. I really dont know what happen but I feel very great!!!!!