Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hiking : Bukit Kutu @ Treacher's Hill Kuala Kubu Baru 1053M

 1. Overall Bukit Kutu is like Gunung Datuk trail condition
2. However the difficulty level is much tougher than Gunung Datuk
3. In Fact i have a feeling the trail is like a bit Gunung Nuang!!
4. Normal time needed is 4 hours up and 3 hrs down
5. I did cramp when reach summit
6. For me this is not a easy hike! But glad i make it

This is the first time i hike Bukit Kutu. Hear about this place quite often but never have urgency to hike before. Finally with some friend, we complete this hill with some difficulty.

Entrance to Bukit Kutu is actually very easy if you been to Sungai Chilling Waterfall.
Right after the Water Reservoir Dam, Take note of a signage "KAMPUNG PERTAK". 
Turn into right into Kampung Pertak. Just drive another 3-5 minute, u will notice a open car park. You can park here.

Less than 5 minute walking from here, you will come across 1st suspension bridge. Just cross over it.
But after another 5 minute, you will come across a 2nd "Spoilt" suspension bridge. you can choose crossing by the bridge or just take off your shoe and cross the river.

After this you will encounter 3rd river stream. This one you have to cross over by stepping on stone (careful) or just enjoy the cold water. After crossing, Bukit Kutu challenge is started.

You can choose turn right at the Big Yellow signage or turn left crossing some stream again
(I turn right beside the signage - This one is actually shorter route)...after that Its up up and UP!!

When you reach the Big gigantic White rock, mean you already half way!!!!!
Its take another one or 1.5 hours to go before reach summit.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Venue         : Pantai Tanjung Biru @ Blue Lagoon Foodcourt
Address     : Batu 10, Jalan Pantai, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
GPS           : 2.415756, 101.856704

Nearby Landmark  : Army camp, Tanjung Tuan Light house


1. This place have the best chinese Nasi Lemak i ever taste. 
2. Normally open only on saturday sunday or public holiday
3. First try 10 years ago during monitoring students camping activity.
4. Nowsday will come over whenever got time.

5. Must Try items: 

A. Nasi Lemak
B. Chicken Porridge
 *The chicken porridge is also one of the signature dish. 
*The mixture of ingredient give a great taste where you can't find others place. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

HIKING: Nepal Annapurna Circuit-Thorong La-pass (5416 M) - Day 03: Namaste The Friendly Village people

High and Higher mountain
We all have a good sleep at Ngadi (890 Meter), Although its just 890 Meter ASL, the weather is cold and can see breath out of mouth when exhale. I experience some minor cramp due to pushing too hard yesterday. And there is blister. Stupidly I force the blister to burst at my foot as i thought it will be better. It's turn out worst and it taken toll on my progress later. After nice breakfast we are ready to go start again. 

This is the 2nd day hiking. We saw great mountain and valley (Green and high...). There is a hydro project in progress and China was the main construction company. As today is just 2nd day, most of us didn't sense the urgency and consistency of the momentum. We stop too much and after 3.5 hours hike, we stop for a tea break at roadside. We are 1 hours late. 

Today we walk pass few small village and saw many "Face Of Nepal". There are very friendly and remember to say "NAMASTE" whenever you can. I still remember there is a moment i saw few small little girl walking from opposite of the mountain.. I ask the guide where the little girl walking to. My guide say to heading to our side and to the another side of the mountain where there is a school....  We all was shock. Its not joking... there are very steep mountain road and the distance is not short...

We only manage to reach Syange for lunch at 2pm. Our guide inform that we are too far behind from schedule and if we still walking in this pace we will end up another night walk to the next accommodation... We all determine to do it better after the lunch..

But the meal preparation in Nepal are very very slow.... This is because the moment you walk in, place your order, then only the restaurant start to prepare all the ingredient and cook for you. So it is normally take about 30-40 minute wait before the meal ready. 

I will remember syange forever in my life as i found my nepal twin brother... the owner was look alike me with xtra size. I was consider small size in front of him.. what a coincident.


As we all seriously wanna catch up the time lag behind, pain started to haunt one by one. My foot blister was very pain, Jeffery, elaine and wendy also got blister. Wendy was unlucky as she soak her leg into water. She change shoe but that make her more uncomfortable and more blister. Then rain start to fall down but luckily just for few minute.

We all reach JAGAT (1290 Meter) after 8 hours of hiking. 
Five member including me have blister feet pain. After discussion, we all decided might have to change plan tomorrow if the pain is unbearable. Although we not prefer but we might have to get a jeep.