Tuesday, February 05, 2008

萧敬腾-背叛 (Part 2)

This is the second time 萧敬腾 appear in 超级星光大道 program. In first appearance he beaten off his opponent easily. This time he challenge the famous star to be 杨宗纬 who was the hottest to be winner of the first star idol. It is also the first time this 2 unique people meet eye to eye.
萧敬腾 sing 背叛 in this round which the song just sang by 杨宗纬 not long ago. However in this round, 萧敬腾 won it by singing better and 杨宗纬 forget lyric....which is very disaster for any contender in singing competition....another thing to note is this song 背叛 was compose by Malaysia singer 曹格.

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