Monday, February 11, 2008

Sungai Siput (u) Perak-(Part 2)

In Sungai Siput town, below are the few icon building & places which represent the town image.
Yes, my famous MP is Samy Vellu... He been my MP since 197x. This is the latest billboard at Sungai Siput...Why Malaysian can't control wanna laugh whenever saw my MP picture??
This is Sungai Siput oldest church. I just remember there was a Kindergarten beside the church and lots of people gathering on every sunday. The church is located beside Main wet market.
Sunsgi Siput oldest post office. Although it is old building, the interior have been upgraded and the delivery system is still better than most town post office branch. It located behind The Store supermarket or beside the church.
The most important icon in town. Maybank Buiding. I dont how long it been there but almost every citizen of sungai siput surely have been there once in lifetime. Till today it still have the largest crowd and recently many foreign worker join in the que.It located beside Ganthi Primary school or in front Police Station.
The only Shell petrol station in town. I was working here at age 15 and the owner of the premise is the most nice people in Sungai Siput. They lend me money for my university studies and never impose any interest 2 year later when i return the money. Till now it still the best memory place in Sungai Siput town i have.
Siew Siew (Little Little) Barber shop. I think it been exist like the picture at least 40-50 years. When I was small, this is the place i cut my hair. Located in front KFC Sungai Siput.
SUngai Siput got about 20% of the population is indian. Thats why it is the strongest parliment seat for indian. First MIC leader, Tun Sambathan then now SAmy Vellu. Sungai Siput is consider the homegrown indian leader in Malaysia. However indian-muslim in sungai siput also quiet have it number. As shown this is the indian-muslim mosque...dedicated for indian converted muslim community..
A near future project. Tong Fatt Hypermarket or bette known as TF will be opening in Sungai Siput this year somewhere around june - august. Although it just a 4 hectar area, it will consider the biggest hypermarket in sungai siput. Taking the position from The Store at town.
This basketball court located in Heawood Garden (Sungai Siput most prestige & valuable property)I use to play basketball here in secondary school. Now the court is very much in sorry state.

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Anonymous said...

im really surprised to see someone is writing about my hometown, when i read the articles its really make me to go to my childhood, i really miss my hometown..