Thursday, February 21, 2008

Woman do stronger than Man

We all know MP Fong Po Kuan had announced not to contest in Batu Gajah parliment seat in this General Election. Although numerous appeal and numerous people try to persuade her to change mind, Fong Po Kuan is still maintain she will hold up her words. I salute her. It not important she will join back DAP or start work like Lee Lam thye but if she can still hold on her word, she will be fully mature & win majority respect.

But i found this guy Pahang DAP chief Lip Tuck Chee is really made a shame on man. News from the STAR reported he been announce resign from all party post yet after a call from Lim Guan Eng he hold back and agree to resign after General Election. A Drama King he is.
When you are mature enough and acting as a leader for the people who support you, you must somehow show up the level of leadership you are. If planned to resign and you know it is already election time, just do it after election. You "Tak Tahan" and then announce to the world you have enough & quit. But after that people beg you, you U Turn! This is what i call attention seeker, drama king & irresponsible people. You announce it you must keep it no matter what happen as this is your own decision which suppose being made after throughly consider. If not you are just not yet in that level!

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