Saturday, January 10, 2009

It is not a Gag Order. It is a order!

I come a cross a very interesting news about genius Ong Tee Keat. I'm not a English educated. But can someone help me explain what is OTK trying to said?
Take One: 1, 2 latest by today 3
Take Two: here

First : All press statements by MCA central bureaus are to be sent to the party’s presidential council for endorsement before being released for them to have full exposure and effect.

Then : He said yesterday the bureau chiefs were free to issue statements in response to the latest developments. However, Ong said the party had to study all government policies’ details before making a public stand

I wonder how long its take for a bureaus chief to send a press statement for approval, exam by Presidential council then sent back to bureaus chief to release to press..(With condition no amendment been made).

How many bureaus chief does MCA have? Click here, here & here
MCA-21, MCA youth-25 & Wanita-17. Total is 63 bureau! Good luck for those elected or assigned to exam all the bureau statement.

Also, I really don't understand why double standard regarding rear seat belt issue. click here.

Why government impose the laws? SAFETY. Then why no need for the foreign car to follow the rules? because they don't have Malaysian blood? Their safety is not our matters? They are allowed to do whatever they like? Friendly? etc.. Ridiculous!

First, we must treat life seriously. Is not about nationality, its about HUMAN.

Second, Malaysia Law is not only for Malaysian citizen. It is about Malaysia sovereignty. It must be a Malaysia laws and not Malaysian Laws.

Third, Anak Di Rumah Mati Kelaparan, Kera Di Hutan Disusukan.

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