Thursday, January 15, 2009

Zulhilmi, Tritipal Singh, Chilvan & Siputman~ Reunion Since 1992...Tales Of Empat Sekawan

(Truly famous brands from Sungai siput-Methodist School...not the body size but the harmony we inherit from education system)

Received a call from Chilvan at 14 Jan 2009 2pm. He inform that Tritipal Singh is in KL, so he suggested our 4 sekawan reunion can materialise at tonight dinner. I was actually exhausted this few days. Working like hell this few week, health not good as coughing and fever, not rest well as my daughter just got "red dot" fever so couldn't sleep etc. But like Aizuddin case, I know i can't give it a miss or you will never know when the opportunity will come again.

Since Chilvan & Zulhilmi is staying at Puchong. I suggested we go to eat at Puchong, BUMBU BALI RESTAURANT. (More info bout the restaurant click here, here, here, here, here

(Zul and his Wife...and his due to arriving sons. His wife due date is 4 more weeks. Wish all the best)

I arrived at 8.15 PM. I was the last as I bring along SiputBoy. I was smiling happily when i saw tritipal singh, chilvan & Zul from far. Ha ha ha ... they all didn't change at all, still the same face i knew at primary & secondary school. When sit down, I see the situation clearer. Zul got bring along wife, Chilvan bring along girlfriends ( I miss out take chilvan gf photo! She is chinese) & later chilvan friends join us.

It take less than one seconds before our mouth start firing M-16 automatic gun. We immediately start the talking without any ice-breaking session. We just couldn't stop teasing and talking the moment I sit down. Too much info flowing and too much conversation. What i can remember to share with all is;

(This is the smile never change since primary school. Chilvan with his trademark smile & laugh. Beside him is chilvan friends, Kevin)

A) ZUL is going to be a father 4 more weeks from that night. He is 100% sure it will be a son! But not base on Ultrasound scan...judging from his wife appearance! He is only works 2 weeks in a month and yet getting full month salary!!! And he is still looking for a jobs which can offer him 1 weeks work 3 week rest!! Geramnya!!!! (previous posting)

Zul Wife is our methodist junior. Don't know why she knew our class & zul friends very very well. Most of Zul friends in Methodist, his wife just know it!!

B)Tritipal Singh is working & staying in Sungai Siput. He works at Lafarge (Cement company)as coordinator-production. He came to KL because clearing his company annual leave. Staying at Zulhilmi house & part time feeding zulhilmi cats as paying rental! He had replaced his broken teeth!!! (Cheah should know what the story behind tritipal singh teeth!! Hockey)

C)P.Chilvan a/l S.PITCHAIMANICKAM!!! I have not mention the word PITCHAIMANICKAM for the past 16 years! How can I forget chilvan trademark laughing and trademark name PITCHAIMANICKAM. hahahah.. Chilvan have own company doing theme park engineering (don't know correct or not). His company name, MPC Universal Sdn Bhd. He was working as Genting higland main contractor company before come out own company. He is very familiar in Malaysia Theme Park equipment e.g. eye of malaysia, roller coaster etc.

He say his family already shifted to Ipoh. He is seldom back sungai siput these day. His chinese girlfriends is name...(forget) and she is working as chilvan Personal assistant in the company.

(I notice Tritipal Singh always bend his arm when taking photo... He is the only one body didn't "grow" up like us)

D) Looking at Chilvan ballooning size & Zul super belly waist.... I just feel my confident is suddenly back!!!!!! I got friends!!!

E)Siputboy must be having nightmare that night as suddenly saw his father friends so different...especially tritipal singh.

We chat until 10 + + PM. When paying the bill, again we practice "Muhibbah Spirit'. All of us take out wallet (pretended want to spent) then take out RM 50 per person and give to Chilven who pay all. So chilvan is happily earning more money that night.

A very memorable night with memorable friends.


Anonymous said...

When I got to read your story....I realized I have not meet any, almost any of my Methodist class mate(Mthodist science stream 1984) for almost 24 years. Well, I don't think I can locate them anymore.

Your guys are so lucky, to be able to keep the muhibah spirit is not easy to maintain friendship that long and the wonderful thing is yours "muhibah spirit" is not lost.

All of you are "truly Malaysian"!! Syabas!!

Old old Methodist Boy

Sarjan low said...


Google & facebook search is very useful in locate old friends. Maybe You can try to type your friends name and let the magic run....

I believe the muhibbah spirit from methodist school is already lost at our old school... Methodist school is now known as "Gandhi school II"!!

Anonymous said...

You are right, in fact I am been told that almost all student are now Indian....frankly speaking I have not back to school since I left school many many years ago. I still remember I used to play basketball during weekend in Methodist. Ah!!! It have been long long ago!!! I am glad I found your web site, at least I found back some of my memory!

By the way, do you remember any teacher during your form 4 and form 5...let see whether we can a common teacher or not!!!!

Are you going back to Sungai Siput this coming Chinese New Year?? I am flying back from shanghai and I have been eagerly back matter where I am...Sungai Siput (N) still my home.


ck cheah said...

now i can sleep well at nite...triptipal looks more handsome and much better now

Zai said...

Menakjubkan.. you'll still the same. The dif is like u said only the bally... wakakakaka..

Hey why don't we do another reunion here in KL pulak? Duan have all the contact number and email.

Sarjan low said...

LY Tai,
I'm in art stream. Most teacher name I forgot already...Mr Ho (maths), Pn Cheng (Kimia), Wong Chee keong(My classmate father!!), Rabit Singh(Another classmate father!),..... really can't remember already.

Aiyah..I will not back Sg Siput for tis CNY...

Tritipal Singh told me he will hand over the dentist bill to you when visitng you tis CNY!! ++ 16 years interest!!

Semangat mu memang berkobar-kobar bila cakap pasal kawan methodist. Salute sama mu.

Kan bagus kalau ada yearly reunions talks. Kita pilih rumah kawan yang sudah dalam kategori "Banglow", then satu per satu kita buat gathering kat rumah mereka... Kita start dengan "Banglow" Zai dulu ya...

Anonymous said...

Ishhh..bestnya tengok yang ini..tak banyak berubah (selain daripada yang memang sentiasa berubah)..

pendek kata, kalau bertembung di jalan-jalan, masih boleh cam.


Anonymous said...

Wong Chee Keong used to be our physic teacher in Form 5, do you know where is he now???


Sarjan low said...

Kalau bertemu kat jalan-jalan tak akan kenal sebab orang/manusia sekarang samada jalan tengok langit atau jalan tengok tanah atau sibuk tengok anak......

Mu pun tak berubah, Kita semua cuma telah matang & dewasa. Semua masih Cute macam dulu..hahaha

If not mistaken, Mr Wong has retired or at Ipoh. But not sure..maybe next time will ask my friends and see... will let you know again..

GOng Xi Fa Cai

The Voice said...

Hi All,

I just got to this blog by accident, but reading it sure brings back lots of memories. I'm also from Sungei Siput, used live in the house inside the Catholic church compound till 1981. I too studied in MSS, leaving after Form 5 (science 1) in 1981. I remember Mr. Wong Chee Keong, used to be very strict those days, but the rest of the names don't sound too familar to me.

Teachers who used to teach us at that time were:

- Mr. Tharamarajan (Geography), passed away in KL about a year ago.

- Ms. Maha (English), my fav!
- Pn. Salbiah (BM)
- Ms. Khor (Addional Maths)
- Mr. Cheong (or CHong) - Biology

Can;t remember the rest. Anyone have any idea what happened to those teachers?

LY Tai, if you still have your 1981 school magazine you can probably look us up.

Robert Sebastian
Form 5 Sci 1, 1981.

Jimmy Boon said...

Hi,Sarjan.You are the man.I accidently type in the word"Sungai Siput" and i got into your blog.Do you happen to know "Ng Chee Kuan" from Kg Sentosa.He came back from UK after 20 years.He is in KL now.So sad to know that Mr. Tharamarajan passed away.Is Pn Salbiah still teaching?I think you will be our "connector" or medium for all SMM who are over the World.To find our lost school mates you can be the 'CSI'This position is more importance than a "DATUK"

Jimmy Boon said...

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subra said...

Hi Tritipal , Zul , Chilvan

how are you guys?

not sure you guys remember me or not ...

im Subra , member of SPS ( Subra , Purana , Sanjeevan)

you guys can contact me at