Sunday, March 01, 2009

180 degree or 360 degree?

I come across the below issue which make me wonder what is our government going on. Lots of major announcement come from minister level yet flip flop and u-turn after testing the public sentiment.

This is only show they are not ready, not settled after 308 election and they are just blur.

This is bad. Really bad. BN especially UMNO still struggle to accommodate new political landscape. PR weakness slowly surface up and trust on their ability to take over government is fading away. At this moment all is politic, everything is politic and all means is politic.

1. 'Allah' ban for
We use to have racial tension and now i hope we will not have religion tension as well. If the worst happened, Minister of Home is the fault. Poor communication, lack of principle and emotion oriented rather than policy oriented.

There will be more to come from Christian side after this. I bet it.

2. Ong Tee Keat And Chua Soi Lek
Tales of 2 brother. here, here, here
To OTK, just declare you will never give any post/power to Chua Soi lek and you will never get along with him because you are "Genius" and exceptional leader.
To Chua Soi lek, U always ask for sincerity from OTK. I'm Sure you learn the trick before, that it's start from "ME". What are you waiting for??

3. Perak No 1, here
This is really sad for me as Perak is my home state. My understanding is Legal/Laws are mostly 2 head sword. Depend on which side you want to see it. PR want to make the emergency assembly legal and BN have declare it illegal. At the end the whole system collapse as either party not satisfied.(this is what PR ultimate motion). Yet if PR won again... they are most unwelcome to the KING (as what they have did to tarnish king image)

And recently if you notice, Perak tussle is more becoming DAP Vs BN. Where is PAS(Except Nizar?) and where is PKR? It's clear now who is actually mastermind in Pakatan Rakyat PERAK.

Again i'm afraid it will going to be racial issue again. And this time it went too far as it involved SULTAN!

4.Toll fare increase issue. KIV till end of the year with at least RM500 Million compesation to the highway operator.

5. IJN privatisation saga.
The Cabinet approved a plan by Sime Darby Berhad to take a 51 per cent stake in Institut Jantung Negara. Then U-turn after public outcry.

The Cabinet approved a plan by Sime Darby and Air Asia to build a low cost carrier terminal in Labu. Stopped especially criticize from Tun Mahathir.

A better writing and better analysis is here.

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