Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Siput to Cameron Highland

1. The Apartment rental at Cameron Highland is still the same after 3 years. I still manage to get a RM 200.00 per night apartment (3 Room) at this peak session.
2. The weather is not freezing (same as last time). I still can wear t-shirt, short pant & slander going out to Pasar Malam.
3. Foods is very boring....but the vegetables are still very best! Fresh and natural.
4. Place to visit is "Merry go around"! Pasar, Strawberry farm, Smoke house, bee farm, Sg Palas Tea farm, Souvenir place.... Actually for shopping some souvenir, no need go specific place...all same..including the price!
5. This school break not crowded..but still consider many people.

The Best Memory
1. I meet my old friend. Mr Chua Chun Moon. A qualify accountant but leave all the business behind and went to Sarawak for few years. It's very pleasure to meet him. He been back to west Malaysia about 10 months and now he is a vegetable farmer and Opening stall at pasar malam as part time.

I really feel proud and jealous about him. He really can leave all the career and works he build up before. Going back to basic life and live along with mother earth daily. I see he more happy, younger, tougher and authentic. Good luck to him.

(He actually give me few vege to bring back...free gift is always happy)

2. I hit an EAGLE!!!!

I still can't believe i hits an eagle on the way going downhill today.

I was driving downhill via Cameron Highland - Simpang Pulai new highway. Speeding at about 90 kph, it is a very smooth and pleasure dive. Suddenly i saw a white creature (Mouse)crossing in front of my car. Before i figure out what is it, suddenly (Again)I see a big eagle opening his wings and with the claws up appear in front of my car! I still remember i can see the eagle eye... Its hunting the mouse.

It's happened so fast.. my car hits directly at the eagle! Ran over it! I saw via my rear mirror..the eagle might just dead. I can't stop my car immediately as it is doing downhill and there are cars in behind.

My car plate number all gone. RM 14.00 poorer after went to accessories shop put back the number! What a experience!

Pasar Pagi, Petang & Malam at Berinchang

Cactus Farm..... Very normal...

Souvenir Stall along Main road are like mushroom after rain! Too Many

Sungai Palas Tea Farm~ Boh Tea Plantations

Good Nite!!

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