Thursday, April 16, 2009

Proton Exora: Malaysia’s first MPV

I believe this time Proton finally getting back some confident from the public expectation.

I was with Proton Vendor company backdated year of 2000. The company was one of the main partner with proton to develop Campro engine. Why proton need to come up own engine? Simply because 2 factor, Japan Mitsubishi have decided not to continuosly supply engine from Japan.(Yes, proton car engine is imported directly from japan till 2000) and 2nd reason is the engine costing have taken massive toll on the total production cost of a car.

From there i get to know some automotive knowledge especially regarding proton & Perodua. Thats why whenever proton issue bring up by politician or media such as Proton former CEO Tengku Mahaleel, Augusta, Proton City, Proton oversea expansion in middle east, Indonesia, china etc , I have strong personal opinion about it. Like it or not, the industry simply can't let to be phase out as it will involve too many things that come least 300 big company & 300,000 malaysian life.

The idea to produce Proton MPV was bring up since 2000 ago. At that time, Proton aready planning a range of proton family including proton truck! Therefore i truly understand what it takes to produce a new car or new model. It is a massive jobs which need co-operation and huge R&D budget. If the new model fail...just like Proton Tiara or Proton Juara (Kotak Mancis car or chinese name it funeral car) the effect at least take 10-15 years!

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