Thursday, July 09, 2009

Teaching of Math and Science in English (PPSMI)

The government finally make a decision to scrap PPSMI by 2012. This is not a surprise move as most have predicted the government can no longer stand firm on the matter. Below factor contribute most to the results.

1) Literature Malays are most against it
2) Political party take opportunity play up the issue
3) Chinese school & teacher most against it
4) Chinese political party not dare against Chinese community feeling
5) Government is not keen to maintain the policy

Who is the people supporting it?

1) Intellectual Malays (oversea & professional or business group)
2) Chinese who study in Non chinese medium school@Sekolah Kebangsaan
3) Urban city folks

I'm glad and fortune to attend a political party meeting in KL to discuss the matter few months ago. There are about 25-30 people come from different background and non political members like me. (Sometime political party really doing many works to help community yet can't reveal to press or even their own members)...Our friend in SUngai Siput should very understand this situation.

In the meeting, only 2 people openly give their supporting view on the matters. Others 100% against it. One is a lady who study in chinese medium but her husband is not. Her reason is she want her children master english as fast as possible. Certainly not a very strong point of argument yet it is a mother who care about her children future, point of view. Another person is me.

I give out my stand about the matters;

1) PPSMI is a very noble vision of Mahathir. Yet it will fail. The reason is the policy didn't have supporting from government own agency and skill manpower to implement it. Too rush and not ready...just like National services program.

2) I support it partially is because i come from national school. My "nationalist" towards matters is not as strong as chinese education people. I don't see it as a threat as chinese language.

3) the main reason i support is because we need to master the "knowledge". I have this feeling because i read "Hard" on Kim Yong & Romance of three kingdom books. Its all in chinese traditional fonts. I love it very much yet although i read it over hundred of times, i still can't fully enjoying it. It because my knowledge of chinese words is limited. I always say how good it will be if my chinese reading skill can be like Bahasa Malaysia.

The fact is these 2 subject is being teach and expanding in english medium on current world trend. Yes we do agree we can stil learning and master the subject in chinese or malays language. The key point is how fast if compare using english? Also how capable if we using non-english mastering or pioneering the subject in the world?

We want to master the science and maths "KNOWLEDGE" as fast as possible.
In my eye, it is not about language nationalist matters.

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