Monday, October 19, 2009

Ong Tee Keat have lost its GENIUS....

MCA is in trouble. The worst ever trouble in MCA history. All because of one man...Genius Ong tee Keat.

1. Genius Ong Tee Keat should just keep his word to Resign as president after the MCA Central Delegate voted to pass him a vote of no confident. By doing so, he will be remembered as hero and highest respect for another 100 years old!

Yet he choose to be "Amok". Firing his machine gun all around his own people. He should know that it is his "Genius" mouth that destroy his own political career. Nobody want him leave nor want him out, It is himself who draw the line.

2. Liow Tiong Lai must be brave enough to take on harder role. He must make sure OTK resign to save the whole MCA. If it need him to be bad guy, Liow MUST take up the role. Liow must stop OTK organise another EGM just to penalize the whole Central Committee who OTK claims betray him.

Insider told, All the CC members couldn't stand OTK anymore after the EGM as OTK going all out to face saving, can't let go the power & trying all he have to hold on the power.

Liow is OTK best Team B partner when OTK is MCA Youth Chief. Wee Ka Siong political career is much owe to OTK. Tee Hock Sing is OTK Best "buddy" even prior to his raising. Why these people want to betray OTK? It is OTK have lost his mind couldn't accept the failure.

3.Although UMNO said do not want to interfere. Few of the politician have openly criticize and demand OTK resign. OTK have lots of die hard supporter yet those who against him is much greater.

4. Most MCA members couldn't see what OTK have done to the goods of the party after held the post for the past 1 years. Unveil PKFZ is not helping the MCA image, its only upheld OTK image. OTK have promise to change constitution enable president to be voted by larger delegate and not just central delegate. Until now no news but UMNO have changed it last week!!!

5. Actually public are very support for OTK especially NGO & Chinese Association. Yet the only group can save him is just MCA members.

6. Today MCA youth & Wanita MCA have issued joint statement. I don't know Chew Mei Fun, Yet i very very aware of Wee Ka Siong. If YB Wee Ka Siong became MCA President once day.... I can see much greater damage he can done compare OTK.

I really wish OTK can honors his words. He had a very high respect in my heart for most of the things and i hope he didn't ruin it.

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