Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trip to Zoo Negara

When is the last time you visited Zoo Negara??

If we were to conduct a poll among KL folks, the outcome most problably is 5,10,15,20 or even never visit Zoo Negara although stay at KL-Selangor. My last visit is 2 years ago. During hari Raya, I bring my family to zoo negara...specially for my little daughter.

After marriage this is the 2nd time i couldn't manage to go all around the Zoo.( I was a frequent visitor to Zoo Negara in UKM time as I need to go FINAS to do my assignment which just beside Zoo Negara) This time because I have decided to call it a day after feel the rain started to drop little by little.

Overall Zoo negara is still same 10 to 20 years ago. Animals not much change and if you been there before you wont lost your way after 10 years gap.

Entrance to Zoo Negara have been upgraded.

Huge crowd visiting Zoo Negara on that days

Really Don't agree why after paying for entrance fees, visitors have to pay extra charges for the "cabbies" transport.

Upgraded Kiosk stall

Childrens World... not many animal inside mini zoo..

Savannah Walk...towards the Orang Utan place.

Gigantic tiger inflatable balloon....But have to Pay again to go inside..

More foods are available nowsday..

Upgraded Pit Stop....full air-cond


Huge crowds are waiting for the animal show to starts...


cklim said...

wow, after primary sch, i hv never been there

Zek Zekronzi said...

Nice pictures & i guess nice outing as well.... sure the kids luv it..