Sunday, December 27, 2009

I back to Sungai Siput for some bad reason

Last Week I was back to Sungai Siput.

For the past few week, I have a strange feeling that i must go back Sungai Siput as it's been 4 month(Don't remember exactly)after the last home visit. Call it home sick, school holiday, my mom missed her grandson etc..but I just couldn't manage to get the date when I will be go back..

(this is the best "Apam Balik" in Sungai Siput. Located in main road opposite Church in town)

I finally made up my mind that i will go back last weekend. Wife is ok, son is ok and daugther is ok....Everything was in order but suddenly my brother(elder) called to inform they plan to married in mid of January 2010.

Well i guess i'm not prefer to go back mid of december, follow by mid of january and mid of february(CNY). So i decided cancel the trips for december.

However sometime our persistant, intention & passion for something will made things works for the goals..either in good or bad way.

Last thursday I received a call from family saying my uncle(Father younger brother)have just passed away. Thats mean at the end i have to go back also.

I believe if our intention is strong enough, no matters it is raining or earthquake nothing can stop us from doing it...

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