Sunday, April 04, 2010

Stesen KTM Sungai Siput~January 2010

Stesen KTM Sungai Siput

Although Growing up in Sungai Siput, I never take train at the stesen KTM before. However train in sungai siput is a very memorable things especially those who live nearby the railway, working beside the railway or residents of Sungai Buluh. The Train & railway is part of sungai siput social historical landmarks.

As the main road Wet market is located beside the railway, i use to play nearby whenever follow my father to wet market. I always like to put a coin on the railway and let the train roll over it, then you will have different shape of coins, Its Fun but be careful.

In secondary i used to jogging from taman tun sambanthan railway to stesen KTM as part of the exercise routine. As we roughly know when the train will pass by, it is dangerous but cautious always make things safe.

This road is used to be the main entrance to Kampung Sg Buluh last time...

Siput railway and the lion hill...

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