Friday, September 09, 2011

Pakistan tallest man Haq Nawaz Noor Muhammad in sungai siput??

I was at Sungai Siput yesterday (09.09.2011) for my father medical check up matters.

Reach Sungai Siput at 9.45pm, i've decided to visit Taman lintang famous pasar malam searching some foods. As i aware most stall probably have closed at 9.00 - 9.30 pm, i just wanna give it a try......well it turn out most stall are closed.

However i was given a surprise as i saw something unusual that night.

There was a giant man in front of me....and i almost don't believe what i saw in front of my eye.

I mean, there is a very very tall and big size guys standing among the crowd for some photo taking. This "young man" was about 8feet! For every photo taken with him, we need to give RM 10.00 for "fees". if we just wanna snap a photo of him, it FOC!

I search some info and i believe he is Pakistan tallest man Haq Nawaz Noor Muhammad. I didn't read the bunting information as it was dark. However base on the appearance and the DJ was saying he from punjab, pakistan, i believe its him.

After google it, i notice he first made headline in malaysia on august 2010 where he made pledge for public donation at Pakistan embassy. He need RM 500,000.00 for his treatment.

Here are some photo i took;

It need to stack 7 chair for him to sit!

Normal height people not even reach his shoulder! a giant standing infront..

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