Monday, December 12, 2011

Sungai Siput -The northern Electrified Double Track project

I was at sungai siput last week for my father regular check up matters. During evening, i go for some light tracking at Bukit Heawood/Bukit tun sambanthan (there is no such hill name but i just simply named it).

I was surprise to find the entrance to the plantation have been undergo major changes. There was a huge over bridge across the railway and it can use by motorbike as well.

The railway was expanded and with the new The northern Electrified Double Track project Ipoh to Padang Besar , now there is three railway lane. The works was still going on but almost completed.

However most people (include me) are still use to cross the railway directly because of some strange reason..... here are some picture to share.

**My camera is showing aging signal...

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