Friday, April 13, 2012

Hiking Mount Kinabalu 2011 : South East Asia Highest Mountain (Part 4/4)

Waking up on the final day was another blessing experience. As the bed was soft and comfortable we all feel fresh and enough rest. However leg muscle started to feel pain and cramps. We all gather for a breakfast before going for a walk around the Gaya city center. As our plane was schedule on 4pm, we got half day before departure to airport.

We misses the famous Gaya Weekend Street. We feel bored and went for 1 hours foot massage near our lounge. It does help a lot in relaxing our muscle after the long hiking hours. Then we go into new shopping complex, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall. I know this shopping mall name in newspaper where Suria KLCC had file trademark suit to refrain this mall using the word "SURIA". However Suria KLCC had lost the case as the judge pass his judgement base on "not presently feel" in sabah thus no "famous mark" ruling.

Although Suria Sabah Shopping Mall won the case, its retail management and mall activities was relatively poor. Before you walk in, you got a feeling this mall is a high end mall and first class facilities. Yet once you go inside you will feel its just a ordinary shopping mall as the tenant mixup was poor and standard of mechandising display was not paralle with the first class mall perception.

We went back to lodge to rest again before check out and went to airport.

I still have unfinished business with mount Kinabalu. I'm certainly will back.

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