Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hiking : Broga Hills, Broga Recreation Fishing Park & Monkey God at Sak Dato Temple

I didn't notice this one last time

Last month i bring some friends for a half day tour at Broga, Semenyih. As most of them are first timer and mix in age, i planned a compact half day tour for them. This because most of them will never come back again for 2nd time. Therefore although the schedule is pack but it will let them truly enjoy what Broga Semenyih can offer them.

We meet up at Petronas Station at Cheras-Kajang Highway 730am.  Exactly 8.10am we reach Broga Hill car park. Why so late? you may ask. Coz we just wanna experience the broga hill scene and not reaching the summit. Furthermore i dont wanna join in the packed sea of people in the early morning.

About 40 -45 minute later we reach the first peak. Some of us wanna go till the summit and some is waiting at the first hill, some even couldnt go up to the first peak. After some photo taking time, we go down to the next destination. The famous Steam fish restaurant : Broga recreation Fishing Park. Total time spent at Broga Hill is 2 hours 30 minute.

Pekan Broga, we even can see the Monkey God Statue from here

This gentlemen coming with bunch of kids and lots of foods for picnic later

The owner sure smile happily coz the weather is very very hot. 34 degree celcius

I should ask my friend donate the shoe at the tree

Brilliant idea!

Location to Broga Recreation Fishing Park:

1) From Broga Hill go to Pekan Broga
2) From Pekan Broga go to Sek Dato temple
3) When you reach the temple, turn to your left (right is the parking)
4) After turn left just follow the small road
5) Bout 3 minute you will see the restaurant on your Left.

We reach Broga Recreation Fishing Park at 1050am.
The moment when you turn into the restaurant you will have a "wow" feeling as view was nice and the fish pond water was deep green and the feeling was fantasic.

The best thing about the food here is about their FISH. Its just some normal tilapia fish, but the freshness and the meat was really great and have got to give a thumb up. The preparation is simple, yet the outcome was very very nice. (Maybe also after some hiking activties, all of us are hungry factory)

Out of bout 20 dishes they had, we ordered half of it. The fish is great but the vege is not bad too. We also come in the right time as this is Durian Season. The restaurant got collected some durian and sell at the restaurant. The taste is also very good. Although not famous type of durian, the durian here is all commercial standard.

After the lunch, we go to Sek Dato to witness the Great statue of Monkey god. As i have been here few times, it didn't spark my interest at the temple. However when we went to the hanging bridge toward the monkey god, great & excited feeling is back. The only thing that really spoil the tours is weather. Damn hot weather and we are going up to the statue at 1.00PM!!!!

We ended the tours at 1.45pm.

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