Monday, July 02, 2012

Taman Putra Perdana Putrajaya : Morning walk in the heart of Admin Capital


1) Search for  Shangri-la Hotel Putrajaya.
2) The garden is at surrounded Shangri-la Hotel

*2nd option is go to Jabatan Perdana Menteri signage, You will come across a very big round about in front of the JPM. The garden in inside the round about.

**The signage is very clear indicated once you go in Putrajaya area.

I planned to bring my family to Putrajaya Wetland as the recent "Panda" news has remind me to visit the place for quite some time ago. We start the journey at 9.00am and reach Putrajaya less than 30 minute. Instead of heading to Wetland Putrajaya, i suddenly change my mind to turn into Taman Putra Perdana Putrajaya since i also never known the place either and the signage come first before turning to wetland.

Its turn out to be a nice environment for family activties and good experience. Maybe its too near to Jabatan Perdana Menteri and its also host the famous shangri-la hotel, its well maintain. The garden is beautiful and its a good place for jogging too.

The famous landmark here is the huge storage Capsul made for keeping all the important documents about Putrajaya.

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