Friday, August 24, 2012

Caves & Caving : Gua Tambun (Tambun Caves) Ipoh Perak

Some information about Gua Tambun is here

1. The entrance to the Gua Tambun Neolithic rock paintings is actually being block or closed by the private property owner of the nearby land.
2. To walk into the Gua Tambun you need to cross over the barrier (If you using main entrance)
3. Once you enter, it is a horses grounding. You can see horses walking freely.
4. Be cautious of the horses as it is unmanned!!!!
5. KEEP LEFT and walk towards until you see a small crossover bridge
6. You will see another signage to Gua Tambun
7. Cross over the barrier again
8. Cautious of Horse DUNG!!! All the way to small hut
9. From here you will walk to staircase
10. Reach the rock area
11. Go right and walk futher down and up
12. The Rock Painting is at the top!!

**It's sad that there is no sight of reservation and protection for the rock painting

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