Monday, September 24, 2012

Kek Look Tong Cave Temple ipoh Perak & RTM 3 Ipoh

Among all the caves in ipoh, Kek look Tong Caves is my most famous caves. I "discover" kek look tong caves when i am doing practical in RTM 3 Ipoh Perak (Its no more call as rtm 3 ipoh). Broadcasting is my majoring during univerity time.

Every friday i got nothing to do in the broadcast room as all muslim friends going to mosque. After 2 week feel the same, i decide to wondering around the area with my yahama 80 bike! I saw the signage to the caves and didnt expect much coz there are many famous caves at that time but certainly not this one at that time... once i go inside, I love this caves.

The most unique about the caves is there are another great garden view once you get inside the caves.
During recent visit i was worry that the factory development nearby have already getting nearer and nearer to the garden. It might lose its charms...

Another great thing i do last time is sleeping!!!!! (Now its no more allow to do so) Last time, not much visitor to this place, i always take a nap at the resting area against the cold rock behind. The wind blowing inside the caves and its really a best place to have peace of mind.

Here are some photo taken during recent trips;


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