Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wat Sungai Siput

Found a Interesting link bout "Sungai Siput"!!!

I always thought there is only 2 Sungai Siput. One is my hometown Sungai Siput (U) and another one is Sungai Siput (Selatan), nearby Kampar.

Do you know there is also a place name "Wat Sungai Siput"?

Good to know more about "Sungai Siput"

here is the link;

Facebook also have;

Wat Kampung Sungai Siput
Lubok Merbau, 06700 Pedang,
Kedah Darulaman, Malaysia.
This is how to go Wat Sungai Siput . Very easy to reach there.

1. Exit Gurun Highway tol and turn RIGHT at the traffic light.
2. Go along the road about 15KM and when you see Kg Gajah Putih / Lubuk Merbau sign board. Turn LEFT.
3. Along the road, you will pass through a big signboard "Daerah Sik" on your left, just go straight and you will pass through Wat Kalai on your right. Continue to go straight.
4. Go straight to Kg Gajah Putih. After about 12KM, when you see Lubuk Merbau / Nami sign board, turn RIGHT.
5. Go straight to Lubuk Merbau and Kg Kesom ( Wat Kura ). Pass through the Thai temple named Wat Kura (you will see a lot of tortoise statue in that temple) and go straight again, you are closed.
6. When you see Kg Sg Mas and Padang Durian sign board (You can see the Wat Sungai Siput sign board as well ). Turn LEFT.
7. You will notice Wat Sungai Siput is on your LEFT in about 1-2 mins.

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