Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hiking : Bukit Bandar Sungai Long, Kajang

This place might not well known to all except Bandar Sungai Long residents. The venue is a tarred road but surprisingly way up to 210 meter above sea level. One of the main reason why its unknown to all because this is a private property land. The hiker or jogger are actually trespassing this area for some recreation activties.

Direction: As below

Another interesthing discovery  is we found out the trunk road is somehow can go far until connecting road to Nirvana Memorial Park at Semenyih. As we didn't track until Nirvana Semenyih, i make this assumption base on google maps as below. And this trunk road is also might not in good condition way till there. Lots of erosion and landslip can seen here.

(You can see there are many trails been open around the hiking point until Nirvana Memorial Park semenyih)

For me this place is good for cycling activties instead of hiking or jogging. You can either can have 1 hours to 2 hours hike over here. We didn't manage get a good panaroma view on top as this few days heavy  haze happened at klang valley.

Here are some picture;


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