Thursday, June 06, 2013

Victoria Bridge Kampung Karai Kuala Kangsar : The oldies of oldest bridge in Malaysia

Recently got commentor asking about the historical Victoria Bridge at Karai, Kuala Kangsar. Its really bring back my memory as this small kampung karai has a lot of meaning to me.
My dad use to fecth me with his Yamaha 70 motorbike to kampung karai about once a month. We always go to the coffee shop near the bus station stoppage. I still remember near the main road entrance got lots of Durian Kampung stalls on the roadside. At the small "town" i also remember the rubber collector station which amazingly still exist after so many years. Its didn't change at all after more than 30 year.
Some very useful link to historic info of victoria Bridge;
Direction to the bridge:
1. From Sungai Siput towards kuala kangsar (Only one road)
2. Turn on your right after spot the Kampung Karai entrance.
3. Go straight till you pass by police station and go into the small town.
4. Continue straight from the town and you will see the victoria bridge in front.



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