Friday, October 18, 2013

Water Snail Diving: Siput on Certification Scuba Diving Pulau Redang Terengganu Trips 03

On day 2 (Last day for diving) we been dive intensively. We dive 2 session in morning and 2 session in afternoon. Diving can be really tiring....

3th dive site is "Kerengga Kecil". 4th dive site is "Anak Mak cantik" 5th Dive site "Terumbu Kili" and 6th Dive site "Black Corel". There are around 24 dive site location at Pulau redang include the newly wreck ship. 

We saw many new creatures like Sea turtle, baby Shark,
stingray fish, Different kind of corel, TRIGGER fish, Eel and so many more creatures never seen before....

This little is just 10 years old and he graduated same time with us...he's the top student

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