Sunday, March 30, 2014

Events: Putrajaya Flower & Garden Festival 2013

I have been visiting Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival for few times. The beauty of the flora and fauna, special flower decoration, international garden, awards winning flower arrangement, floating decoration boat display, fireworks and beautiful landscaping display by various of organization makes the event a must visited place. 

However this year i got invited to visit the Putrajaya Flower & Garden Festival 2013 in different approach.... become a one day visitor on decorating floating boat..... hm... new experience. I take the chance and i join in the Langkawi Boat Floating boat.

All the floating boat will be park all around putrajaya lake.... All divided to few section and time to travel from the parking boat to the display area is around 45 minute.......


Here is the different view i have compare normal years. 

All Boat Parking in front main stage..

Fireworks started..

All go back.......

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