Friday, August 01, 2014

Sungai Siput Hiking & Caving: Sri Shiva Shanmugar Cave Temple @ Gua Kelawar

**As this is a Holy Indian Temple place and personally i wish it can keep untouched as it now, I'm not intend to put the location map. Although many devotees or people around this area know this place well
** However in December every year(if not mistaken) there will be thousand of thousand devotees come here to pray at this temple by buses.

When i was a kids, my mum bring me to this place before. We cycle into estate and only motorbike or bicycle can reach this place. At that time we call it Gua Kelawar Sungai Siput. The entrance to the caves was not from current. I still remember many people go to this caves to see the Guan Yin look alike statue. I also still remember many people cut and bring back the thousand year stalactites and stalagmites as no one taking care the place. There are lots of seashell fossil indicated people lived here before... but dont know how many year ago.  Even some people call this place "Jalong Man"

Recently i found a very interesting blog about this place and i wanna visit it again.

I ask my mum friends who know how to go this place and show me the way. As i have read the above website, i understand the place already transform into indian temple.  However it still give me some unexpected memory.

1. I was surprise as the assistant temple guardian was my secondary schoolmate! Mr Murugan... But very shame that i didn't remember his name and recall the memory at that time.

2. I didn't expected the caves was indeed huge and have many stage. The end of the trail was really WOW! As there have a huge platform.. like cave inside caves...

Enjoy the photo i have taken. 

This is Sungai Siput Best Kept Secret after all.

Part 01: The Temple/Caves Entrance

Part 02: Inside The Temple- Praying Chamber

Part 03:Entering the caves - Old main entrance

This is the entrance we use last time

Part 04: To the Darkness of the caves

Part 05: The magnificent View and the Guan Yin Statue
(This is where i reach last last time)

Part 06: Top of the world via Caves inside Cave


cavingliz said...

Was interested to see your blog, nice photos. And thank you for the comments about my blog,


Sarjan low said...


I should thanks you instead as if not because of your blog, i might forgotten this childhood place.

Wish your good work in protecting the natural will success in sooner time.