Tuesday, October 14, 2014

HIKING: Thorong La-pass (5416 M) - Day 01: Kuala Lumpur to Thamel, Katmanthu

In Nepal, hiking tourism industry is one of the largest contributor in the nation economy. Thousand of hiking company registered and thousand more non-registered under Nepal trekker association. Recommended to hiker to choose the company which registered under Nepal association as the guideline and Governor body is very taking care of the hiking industry. Its give the company which already registered as members automatic some credibility and secure.


In this journey we choose a hiking company which recommended by our friend who completed Upper Mustang Hiking months ago. Its really a great company and great service from them, which i shall explained in following posting.

 or you can contact the owner, MR BINOD directly through FB;

Hours before flight, I just get know in LCCT got Strapping services station for baggage which i find very useful and cost effective. Done in just minute or two, its secure your luggage from easily opened in transit time. Will use this kind of service in future.

 When you about to reach Kathmandu International Airport, looking down you will notice the landscape is quite different. Sandy, Rocky, Lots of river but not much water, the color of soil is very much significant..

**Kathmandu Airport was defined as one of the most dangerous airport in the world. Only very senior pilot can design to flight to this place. I guess the reason is short runway. The plane was almost immediately need to brake after touch down... you can feel being pull to front when brake...(Wear your seat belt)

We reach Nepal Soil at 1415pm. 
We fill in visa application form and pay the fees calculate accordingly where we go and how many days we here. I understood that you can pre-apply the VISA in Kuala Lumpur. However the time and process to apply on the spot is not very different nor taken long time. 

Mr Binod already waiting for us in the terminal Exit. After say hi or famously NAMASTE, we were taken to Hotel near Thamel, which own by Mr Binod also. Along the transit to hotel, our eye was glue to the street, people and building...

I always wear like this through the journey.. + sunglasses

First impression:  Kathmandu is very dusty, traffic was not proper and i feel there is lack of urban planning..... I feel i was in india although never been to India. 

 About 20 minute ride, we reach the hotel. We were told water & electrical is always got interruption and routine is being implement in Kathmandu town.. Around 5pm have electric.... then morning about 4am no electric.... Solar system industry and generator business should be running very good here.


 Around 1830,we have the first briefing session with Mr Binod and introduction to all the crew which will be together with us after this. Intro the team;

Guide - Dhana Rai (https://www.facebook.com/dhanakumar.rai)
Sherpa -Shivaraj (https://www.facebook.com/shivaraj.adhikari.925)
Porter-Raj Kumar (https://www.facebook.com/raj.acharya.9081323), Ram & Prakash which join later

2030pm Dinner at Thamel, Kathmandu. On Mr Binod Bill! 

Along we saw many trekking equipment shop, too many actually.. some expensive, some very cheap
Must careful survey and no need rush to buy. Everything about hiking got sell here!! 

First time eat Dal bhat (Nepali: दालभात)

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