Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hiking : Bukit Kutu @ Treacher's Hill Kuala Kubu Baru 1053M

 1. Overall Bukit Kutu is like Gunung Datuk trail condition
2. However the difficulty level is much tougher than Gunung Datuk
3. In Fact i have a feeling the trail is like a bit Gunung Nuang!!
4. Normal time needed is 4 hours up and 3 hrs down
5. I did cramp when reach summit
6. For me this is not a easy hike! But glad i make it

This is the first time i hike Bukit Kutu. Hear about this place quite often but never have urgency to hike before. Finally with some friend, we complete this hill with some difficulty.

Entrance to Bukit Kutu is actually very easy if you been to Sungai Chilling Waterfall.
Right after the Water Reservoir Dam, Take note of a signage "KAMPUNG PERTAK". 
Turn into right into Kampung Pertak. Just drive another 3-5 minute, u will notice a open car park. You can park here.

Less than 5 minute walking from here, you will come across 1st suspension bridge. Just cross over it.
But after another 5 minute, you will come across a 2nd "Spoilt" suspension bridge. you can choose crossing by the bridge or just take off your shoe and cross the river.

After this you will encounter 3rd river stream. This one you have to cross over by stepping on stone (careful) or just enjoy the cold water. After crossing, Bukit Kutu challenge is started.

You can choose turn right at the Big Yellow signage or turn left crossing some stream again
(I turn right beside the signage - This one is actually shorter route)...after that Its up up and UP!!

When you reach the Big gigantic White rock, mean you already half way!!!!!
Its take another one or 1.5 hours to go before reach summit.

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