Sunday, September 13, 2015

HIKING: Nepal Annapurna Circuit-Thorong La-pass (5416 M) - Day 04: Unforgettable Tal (1700M)

I will never forget TAL, One of the most memorable scene happen in my eye

Day 04 is the heaviest hike so far...

Original plan was from Jagat (1300M) to TAL(1700m) and overnight at Dharapani (1900M). However due to many of member got foot pain, mostly with blister, We need to change plan. The Situation become more obvious when we reach Tal, where some member really can't continue walk.

We quickly change and check our schedule. The new plan will be;
JAGAT -TAL - KARTE (half way) by Foot and then take JEEP direct to Chame (2710 M). This will enable us rest one day at Chame to recover from foot blister and same time acclimatization to high altitude ..

As today (Day 04) we had completed hiking distance of  38KM!!!! (minus jeep Distance)

colorful Jagat

school, mostly donate by foreigner

Cool...Playing footbal

wonder what they use for that big basket?

We have excessive luggage....

This is our Great Guide and Sherpa. Guide Mr Dhana Gee And Sherpa Mr Shiva
Today along the way, i notice surrounded scenery started to change...Early is feel more like hill and hill, now everywhere is huge rock and great mountain. We pass by a village before crossing hanging bridge. From there we will experience first uphill mountain hiking.

I accidentally touch the sting plant called Stinging Nettles. Immediately i feel sharp pain. Its really painful and the pain wont go away for the last 30 minute...My hand swollen yet still manageable pain after few minute. That is the most unforgettable pain. To compare, it almost same pain when you sting by jelly fish!!


Way to TAL

Soon after this shoot, We will experience the most dangerous ride in my life

Take 5

Our Porter look alike korean star. All our lady grab chance to have a photo

This one taste just like Burberry


Morning break at here

To my surprise suddenly the little girl take out her phone and take our photo

After the mountain hike, rest area

We have our morning tea at a place where only got about 4 houses. There are 2 little girl playing toys (typical american dolls). What surprise me is the place they are sitting with their toys... its a cliff hanging dont know how height is the place ! 2nd surprise is when i taking her photo playing with the toys, one the girl suddenly took out her handphone and taking my photo instead. 

After morning tea, we climb the first difficult mountain. Rocky, steep, windy and rain. Breathing started feel difficult as its cold and windy.  When we overcome the mountain and rest at the signboard, never in my mind prepare to see something most beautiful in my eye. TAL is actually a lake with beautiful scenery. I still remember we climbing and in front of us is the arch entrance to the TAL. As we still going up we cant see what behind the Arch. Once when we reach the arch, we were stunned by beauty of the scenery in front of our eye. TAL is really beautiful. 

Here you cant see what behind the entrance arch... then you will "WOW"

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We have a good lunch at TAL. Fresh air, windy, not too cold, silent and peaceful. Yet the pain on the foot is started unbearable. Some of our member emotion running high due to tired and pain. Therefore here we decided we will take jeep in next soonest available. As this is unexpected, we will have to pay additional on own pocketmoney...its cost us Nepal money 1000 per person later!! As the demand was over supply than jeep available. We agree to pay 1000 rupee (RM30++) per person for secure the seat.

We show this flower come up no where on the rock... 

Too many people wanna take the jeep

Nego on the way... the green shirt guys was Ambarish, who become our best friend at nepal

While waiting the jeep

Before the seat collapse and i sit on my guide while the jeep moving.....
Here we meet new motivator and good friend after this. Trekker from India, Mr Ambarish Joshi.

After we secure the jeep, we thought thing will be fine and we will reach chame and have a good rest.. But something not right when our jeep was stopped by the Karte villagers. Argument happened with head of villager, police, villagers, drivers, our guide, porter etc in discussion. We all sit in the jeep with deep concern. After more than 30 minute argument, our porter look at us and the face was telling "they won't let the jeep continue and our guide was trying his best to not let us down" This is because the jeep was suppose can't cross the territory. In nepal, main road from village to village is control by the village leader.

Then after 1 hours plus, they finally reach agreement with some penalty was paid and we can continue the journey. We all reach CHAME at 9.30pm. What a day!

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