Monday, December 26, 2011

Hiking at Bukit Bangkong Tanah Hitam, Chemor, Perak


1) From Jalan Besar sungai Siput-chemor
2) After BHp& Caltex petrol station, turn left at traffic light
3)by pass railway above and go straight till meet split road
4)Turn Right at split road(got signage to kampung tersusun tanah hitam)
5)Then turn left go into main entrance of kampung tanah hitam
6)Go straight by pass small kampung cina town
7) turn right when reach end and go straight
8) U should able to see the main parking (beside a swamp)
9) Free parking

Bukit Bangkong is one the most popular hiking spot in chemor. At about 200-300 meter, its offer a great view of chemor, kanthan, jelapang, etc view. If we come on early morning, you will have sea of mist to enjoy...

Most of the trail to Bukit Bangkong summit is tar road. (something like FRIM, kepong) Although it not very high, i experience some discomfort tense on leg due to the road surface. You can related the whole journey like walking at the water tank reserve at small hill where some area got very steep slopes.

At one junction, you can choose reach the summit using staircase or mix of jungle and tar road. We choose the longer trail when go up and staircase going down. Its take me(with kids) 3 hours to complete the hiking...unexpected.

Beside great view, i like bukit bangkong flora and fauna.

Lots of friendly people (old folks)and quite a number of Malays hiking at this place..(tanah Hitam is a chinese settlement village).

I was asked by a friendly couple veteran, is there any hiking place in sungai siput.... to avoid embarrass i quickly say Lion hill...but he know the place is not a hiker friendly venue. Than i say Bukit Sambanthan/Bukit Heawood.....he smile politely say, that's a oil palm plantation area.... i just manage to smile.

I serious believe lion hill should be converted become hiking venue for sungai siput folks. Its not really that dangerous if we have proper trail and proper safety equipment to reach the summit. This would serves as the best venue for 2-3 hours hiking. Hope it will happen.

After finish hiking, we go for a nice breakfast restaurant, Kedai Kopi Hee Seng. It located beside the primary school, in front basketball court and nearby main entrance. Its offer variety of dishes and its great choice to satisfied us after tired hiking.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I was born in Tanah Hitam but not live in KL and i didnt know this place existed :p hehe. I will definitely hike it the next time i'm back as i like hiking too!

Anonymous said...

My mother is one of regular malay hiker from nearby village...