Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hiking : Bukit Kledang, Menglembu Ipoh Perak

Last Month i went to hike Bukit Kledang Menglembu alone.
I wanna hike this hill quite some time but never materialize as whenever i back Sungai Siput, I will not able to find the correct time. This time the determination was strong enough for me to drive about 45 minute to purposely hike the hill here. Luckily i didn't bring along my kids as the hike was not that really "bukit".

Bukit Kledang stand at 800 Meter and peak of the hill is the location of station RTM.

1. As first timer, i use the most visible and most hiker prefer trek.

2. GPS : 4.574072,101.030723 or Hala Rasi Jaya 1more infoAddress:
Taman Rasi Jaya, 31450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
3. I reach here 8.00am and determine to go to the peak

4. First 30 minute is really hard for me as need to go up steep staircase till Meteorology station.

5. Another 30 minute i reach the famous 4-9 check point. First i dont what they mean by 4-9 check point as most of the hiker i greet was asking whether i reach 4-9 check point. But when i say i go till RTM station...they all show thumb up

6. My leg was at pain again when i reach 4-9 check point as not use to hike hill on TARRED road! (This TARRED road always killing me)

7. I asked some hiker it is still far to reach the top, some say very far, some say you can do it. However i will go on.

8. Reach the junction between TV3 Station and RTM station after almost 2 hours plus...

9. Finally reach RTM station after 2.5 hours Hike!! In this 2.5 hours, its really all the way up

10. Return back was so easy as i only use 1.5 hours to go down. You can see how big the different in between. Back at the car exactly 1200pm. 4 hours hiking.

* Not advisable to hike alone as the route is easily being ambush or robbed
*The air was really fresh and cold when you walking up after 4-9 check point
*At top beware sun burn
*I dont have the actual disctance but i estimated total distance is 15-16 KM two way!

Enjoy all the photo below;




This is the famous 4-9 check point


Unknown said...

Let say,if i go there without guardian or men, it's not too dangerous right?

Anonymous said...

No actually coz ppls r coming up at frequent interval. Better prefer morning time.

Unknown said...

We took the forest track up and that was nicer as the trees were tall and the tracks shady. However the last 500 m looked steep so we took the tar road instead to RTM. We came down by the road and stairs. If using the tar road I think it is quite safe.