Friday, August 14, 2015


Height: Estimated around 120M - 160M
Location: (Waze) Bear Hill Starting Point Jalan Teratai 3 Taman Bunga Raya Malacca
                 (Behind Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah)

Estimated time : 30 Minute to Telekom Tower
Total time : Under 60 minute
Condition : Combine of Tar Road and tracking trail

I enjoy Working at outstation as it give opportunity to explore new places and local recreation activities. Although stay at Melaka for 2 days, i manage to explore submarine museum, A Famosa and done a quick hike at Bukit Beruang.

Bukit Beruang or Bear Hill is local favorite hiking place for local as it give Panorama view and leisure hike. Going to the starting point is easy as you can just waze "Bear Hill Starting point" and it will bring you directly to the main entrance.

I didn't notice can't take photo signage!
It said 2.4KM to the summit
1. I use the main road going to the summit to avoid get lost. Although its just 2.4 KM, the Tar road was steep but luckily its not for long hike. Along  the way you will notice got divert road to the summit, as usual i will not use the road as first timer. 

Here consider is halfway already

2. Many elder citizen exercise here and they always take 2 to 3 round trips!!  After a short hike you will reach summit where is the TELEKOM TOWER. I try to go around the area but after half circuit i turn back as the trail look didn't use for some time. 

3. After talk to some friendly hiker @ Uncle, we decide to use another road going down as they say the view is nice and you can't say you hike Bukit Beruang without going there.. 

When you going down, turn into this small trail to the better view


4. The uncle didn't lie to me. Indeed this is the most beautiful part of Bukit Beruang. You can go a bit higher to have different view. 

5. After this you can use continue use the jungle trail going down as it will lead you to another nice relaxation area.


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~mr. nothing~ said...

I went to hiking few days ago and I didn't managed to get to that place for a beautiful view! Darn it. Dah nampak lorong kecil tu tapi x berani nak pegi sbb xsure haha 1st timer kan. Btw thanx for posting this. Really helpful!