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Lingam Full Video Tape Disclose (Part 3)

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Transcript Part III – Released January 28, 2008
Lingam: The constitution judges said the constitution said, in the opinion of the prime minister he recommend.Who the prime minister recommend? So you are Dzaiddin, you are chief justice, you recommend 10 names, I consent, I said I want these 15 names, can't do anything. He recommend to rulers, rulers only consulted, not approve, only consult. You Know?
[Voice off-camera]: Because if it goes up to the Court of Appeal…
Lingam: Now Dzaiddin wants to come through the PM because he wants his Tun-ship. So…he doing everything to please the PM lah, but he recommended five judges, three…three approved,which is Tun Eusoff Chin's men, two not Eusoff Chin's men which we objected. I prepared the
report and rejected… but he wants to appeal again lah.
(Voice off-camera]: Can he appeal?
Lingam: He can appeal lah, but will be rejected lah.
[Voice off-camera]: I never know appointment can be rejected you know?
Lingam: No, recommendation can be rejected. The PM shall recommend so and so, after consulting
so and so. So, PM suppose to consult Loh Mui Fah before he recommends. So Loh Mui Fah
recommend 10 names, he in fact can say I disagree with your 10 names, I recommend
Gurm…Lingam and so and so. Nothing you can do. You are only…you are supposed to be
consulted, not to be approved. You see the point or not? The constitution said consult.I suppose to consult my father before I marry, I consulted him, he disagreed but still I married!
[Voice off-camera]: Because that is not final, ah.
Lingam: Right, consult is to discuss. That's all. But if I must get my father’s approval before married,then different. Approval different from consult.
[Voice off-camera]: So, who is the lord president now?
Lingam: Now chief justice Dzaiddin.
[Voice off-camera]: Dzaiddin…
Lingam: But between you and me. We have taken Dzaiddin for dinner three times.
[Voice off-camera]: Three times already.
Lingam: And we have given him the most expensive gift. Don't ask about it lah. I have given him and Vincent Tan has given him. So, he also cannot attack us. Tomorrow we go say we give you this
this this. He cannot go and say you are a agent. Correct or not? So, he is neither here nor there lah.That's all.
[Voice off-camera]: But… Chief Justice..
Lingam: But in the court when I argue with him. He said, Datuk Lingam you said you will take one hour. I said, my Lord, it is only 50 minutes, I got another 10 minutes. But…I appreciate. Thank you,thank you… He is very nice with me, very polite with me. I have been sending cakes every hari raya.
Vincent has been sending. He can’t go and say he is very clean, correct or not?
[Voice off-camera]: But then he is…
Lingam: But he is playing his game lah. He got the job, that's it. Now, September he is finishedthat's all. Make sure he is not extended.
[Voice off-camera]: But, he may ask for extension.
Lingam: He is hoping… he told somebody that he likes the job very much. Then he likes…Let him dream lah.
(Voice off-camera]: Above him is the Lord President?
Lingam: He is the number one man, Dzaiddin.
[Voice off-camera]: Whose the Lord President?
Lingam: He is called… those days called lord president, now called chief justice, federal court.
[Voice off-camera]: Oh… it is the same title.
Lingam: Number two President Court of Appeal, that Wan Adnan, my personal friend. He was sick.Nobody knows he is close to me. Right, in fact, he never knew his name is going up until I told him.Then number three, Ahmad Fairuz, Chief Judge Malaya. Ahmad Fairuz is going to be acting, now acting…number two. Right? So, next minute, even Raja Aziz said he is going to be the next top job. He is…definitely number onelah.So, he told me I leave it all to you and you must help me and all…I said I’ll arrange for you to meet Tengku Adnan, Vincent and meet with PM lah…But this bugger is sometimes a bit scared. Ah…I must play shadow from the behind. Nobody should know I know you. Then you can help more. But people, see you know more, like Eusoff Chin,because I met him in New Zealand, became a problem. But if I didn’t meet him in New Zealand, it's a… no problem.Correct or not?unfortunate.
[Voice off-camera]: Then, in your…then they said you have taken photograph with him holidaying in…huh…huh…
Lingam: But unfortunately, I didn't know. The worst thing I didn't know Eusoff Chin put his hand like that! Alamak…so…I also didn't know about it. What to do?
[Voice off-camera]: Then… then…
Lingam: Do you know, today one o'clock, Eusoff Chin having lunch in his house today. Hari Raya today. He called me and my wife to come. I told him we don't go today, we make it another day. I don't come but my wife and children will come. You know or not? I told my wife to call…[unclear]…[phone rings]…
Lingam: Hello…Joe Ah…!
Note: Because some parts of the recording are inaudible the transcript may not be 100%

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