Friday, February 01, 2008

萧敬腾 VS 杨宗纬

2007 is the born of this 2 new very same personality singer yet very much different voice. For those who grow up in ALan Tam & Leslie Chueng era, you are very fortune to see it happen again but this time in Taiwan. I deeply feel these 2 singer are much alike the Alan Tam VS Leslie Cheung era.
杨宗纬 have a voice of sorrow, broken heart, deeply wound gentlement & softness...sometime. 萧敬腾 have powerful voice of Macho man, rock n roll & truly resemble what man should be.
The most touching part is they really show me that man actually can sing girls song perfectly. The girls song will become different taste of music, very attractive and full of Man emotional.
Therefore i embed the best collection of these 2 powerful singer.

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