Saturday, February 23, 2008

Woman do stronger than Man.... ...Sorry...Not at DAP!!!

On 20th Feb, I have posted regarding respecting Fong Po Kuan as uphold her word to exit from nomination and critised Pahang DAP chief for "u" turn after Lim Guan Eng Call him. I even salute Fong Po Kuan at that time!Yet it all turn to "SHIT" today when Fong Po Kuan Finally appear from hiding and announced will be back for contest in Batu Gajah Parliment Seat. Read here and here also. The "Cili Padi" personality & integrity is GONE!
Why politic so important in our life? Ever ask yourself the question? I was one of the "on the fend" human being regarding politic in the past until a old & respected man just bang me about reality in understanding politic.
This respectful taxi driver uncle had angrily told me that if i dont like politic than i am not human at all! He say the only things significant separate us from animal is only POLITIC! if i dont like politic meaning I dont like being a human being!
Man..that sound is still in my mind till today. Back to Fong po kuan, She was a member of parliment for the past 2 term, actively in politic frontline bout 10 year and she was represent opposition voice, female, chinese, new generation and most important she represent citizen of Batu Gajah. It must been really tough in such position and you should not schrew it up coz it not personal matters anymore it is national interest
If she have been mature enough, she mustn't come up with the shocking announcement and bash out her own party internal matters in media, go hiding and lastly made a 'U' turn again after the whole world 'Look' like begging her to come back. This is most childish act i ever see. If she got internal problem in state, she must be fighting internally till end of the day. If not successful then reconsider your principle, if that cant take it, you made your decision. Now if you made that decision, meaning you are clearly know what you want. Dont ever jump back to the old issue again.The whole is just let public know that DAP is really only can do things outside of the system and not reform internally.
Yes Fong po kuan is back but that just mean she had sold out herself in responding internal party matters & own principle. It certainly will be tougher for her in future as now she had no principle & people already know how childish she was.

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