Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cheah Chee Kuan VS 梁美明(Lee Mei Mee)

Today is nomination day for all the candidate to participant in Malaysia 12th General Election. At the closing time, BN has won 6 parliment seat & 2 State seat uncontest. While PAS got 1 state seat uncontest.In Sungai Siput Jalong State seat we will seeing head to head fight between BN/Gerakan and DAP.
Gerakan has sent out New face, Lawyer Cheah Chee Kuan 33 years old and DAP has send out 'Ms Lee Mei Mee' 41 years old.

Cheah Chee Kuan is local boy, grow up in Sungai Siput, having primary, secondary & form 6 education in Sungai Siput. Meanwhile his opponent is "outsider" but being label as second 'cili padi' in DAP. In short meaning a new face (Cheah Chee Kuan) VS heavy weight (梁美明)
Giving internal crisis in DAP (4 DAP branch in Sungai Siput declare disband due to unsatisfied with candidate list), Gerakan proven track record in Jalong seat, Cheah Chee Kuan good personality & homegrown siput(梁美明 is outsider).. Mr Cheah Chee Kuan is expected to win the seat without much problems.

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