Monday, November 03, 2008

PM's Chinese Political Secretary, Datuk Dr Vincent Lim Kian Tick Resigned.

Datuk Dr Vincent Lim Kian Tick
political secretary to the prime minister-Chinese affairs

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If you try to search for Dr Vincent image in any search engine portal, you will most probably end up getting frustrated from the most advance technology. It is not the technology shortage but it is because Dr Vincent is the most low profile political secretary of Prime Minister Malaysia.

It is the former Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir introduction to have a chinese political secretary to look into chinese affair's in the country. This goes very well to chinese community and off course benefit to the Prime Minister popularity and administration effeciency. So when Pak Lah step in as Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr Vincent is the new chinese political secretary replacing the famous Matthias Chang.

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Datuk Dr Vincent Lim Kian Tick contribution to the country might be unseen and unsung for. But far behind country political, economic & social issue, he is the most appreciated man. There are many "story" i heard about this great man but i don't think i will reveal it except the below;

1. He have predicted Malaysia will have a very unpopular prime minister in history, right after he take over as Political Secretary to PM of Malaysia. That's is in 2004 when PAK LAH has just won the General Election with biggest majority in history.

2. Freedom of press in Malaysia especially for chinese medium newspaper is much owe him a salute. I don't even "dream" such freedom to press is happening during Tun Mahathir time.

3. Penang 2nd Bridge - China giving out loan of USD 800 million (RM 2.7 Billion) to Malaysia...Datuk Vincent is the main person to get the deal ink. I understand that this is first time China government have give out the loan with such a low interest, 3% per annum over 20 years. Click Here

4. 13th General Election. While most politician are confident to be elected as MP one or two week before the polling date, datuk Vincent is the very first batch of analysist to predict the 13th general election will be much alike 1969. Yet who would believe the "political Tsunami" outcome in that time?

There are much much more good story about this greatman. But as he have choosed to be low profile, we must respect his wishes....(I think the above picture will be very valuable after this)

Thank You and I salute you, Dr Vincent Lim Kian Tick.


Lim said...

Ideas are understood, but it's unfair to let the world read a piece of work with so many linguistic errors.

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hi Mr/Ms lim,

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If you got time, pls do browse my previous posting regarding grammer or linguistic error. Then you should understand why my writting is such a mess and terrible especially for those educated in proper english Medium.

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