Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sungai Siput (U) Perak ~ November 08

Above: New DAP Community Service Center at Taman Kemiri

Above: Another new DAP Center in front Pasar Jalong..... As usual political community center(included MCA or GERAKAN), these center is actually a Mahjong Center for community.... more choice for mahjong kaki kot!

Above: I believe this house appearance is untouched since i was very very young... Sometime i saw it like abandoned, but sometime i saw people staying there. I still remember there is a very old grandma planting vegetable in front of house and sell it at Pasar Jalong. but that is at least 20 years ago...

Above: Kampung Simpang Jalong entrance Arch...in front of Sekolah Muhibbah.


ck cheah said...

my service centre in taman tun sambanthan is not a mahjong place..it is genuinely a service centre to serve the sg siput community..i make a plea to all sg siputan to come to my service centre

Sarjan low said...


I thought GERAKAN service center is only at Jalong?? How many services center GERAKAN got in SS?

Apologize if I got it wrong. But at Jalong specifically ~GERAKAN, MCA, DAP service center is most means for Mahjong Kaki.

Maybe you are working on bringing new definition to the services center in SS.

Thanks for clarification.

cheah said...

mine is proper..no mahjong..the 1 in tts is for ex-candidate to continue to give service..the others were set up by branches