Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wind Beneath My Wings : SEK WAI KONG

I Hate to mention it...but For your info I actually stay "around" with Sek Wai Kong for the past 8 years and still counting..! Yes, we are also ex-housemate for about one year before i move in new house. I stay with my Wife and Sek Wai Kong stay with his friends after that.

Why I say i "hate" to mention it? I was staying at Block A and he is staying in Block B. To the dismay I only remember visiting him once at his rented home. Then SEK WAI KONG bought an own unit at BLOCK C....till today i haven't pay him a visit although it only take less than 5 minute walking distance, shame shame .... Siput attitude kot!

SEK WAI KONG was a pharmacy Salesman when i first meet him up at KL. He always travel around West Malaysia with his Proton Iswara. He quit the job and later went for MAS air steward job. He is still with MAS Airline today after about 3 years. A job he love so much and earn so much....yet he still keep his Proton Iswara.

As you can see in the photo, Sek Wai Kong is no more skinny little boy as secondary school. He had built up muscle all around his body. So tritipal Singh and the gobots gangs can't bully him anymore.

All the best my friend.


Anonymous said...

Did he has a sister name : Sek Wai Feng....!! Just want to check out whether he is an old classmate brother.


Sarjan low said...


If not mistaken, SEK WAI FENG is his relative.

His brother name is SEK WAI "CHUAN" ... now still staying behind ESSO-MOBIL, now BP petrol station.


Anonymous said...

Not sure about whether there are related as Sek Wai Feng is staying in kampung sentosa back then now reside in KL.

Anyway, thank for the clarification.

ck cheah said...

can u look for my relative by the name of cheah chee keong..tq

Sarjan low said...

cheah chee keong, owner of a mechanical autopart supply? Beside esso??