Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Holier-Than-Thou.. ELIZABETH WONG Nude Photo Scandal

1. She no need to resign. Not like Chua Soi lek scandal she is a victim. She single. The photo taken without her consent. She not purposely doing it for fun.

2. The famous Malaysia ex-Minister actor should not even have the right to comment on the case. Click here. Coz he will make the case "look like" same with him.

3. Chua Soi lek cases and Elizabeth case are 2 different matters. One is doing nothing wrong in her own private room but the other having affair with someone although got wife and children. Unless the society is saying man can have mistress I have no comment.

4. Human are not perfect. You can have dark secret and lots of bullshit under the pillow yet once caught or discover, you have to face the society. And just admit it is wrong coz your wife never will say it is ok.

5. Some human being are really think they are very pure, virgin and clean. like this guy. One day surely the ghost will hunt him back. He even can't different moral issue(Chua Soi Lek) and privacy issue(Elizabeth)..... for example just like someone have snapshot of Khir Toyo having bath in naked.... should he resign if the photo exposed???

6. Is the society cannot accept sleep in naked???

7. Elizabeth should not start the blame game.(accusing the BN is the hand behind). The person who take your photo is in your bedroom. How the photo can be leak out? You should ask back the person. It will be not a difficult case for police to solve. I would wish the person who take the photo to have HUKUM HUDUD punishment.

8. Politician are politician. Pakatan will use the issue to get sympathy vote. I expect more twisted story will come up nearer to nomination. In Barisan National side, they will quickly ask public to respect Elizabeth decision to resign. Well, very good indeed Malaysia politician.

9. I wonder how much lower Malaysia politician can go on...

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