Monday, May 11, 2009

MB of Perak: Nizar Not Zambry

A stunning landmark judgement:

The high court just now declare Nizar is rightful MB for Perak and not Zambry..........and now he is rushing to meet sultan perak to dissolve state assembly.....

People just fasten your seat belt, the never ending story have just begin..


Anonymous said...

awhy people never learn their lesson. I don't care whose will be MB of Perak, the true is we need one for all and start to work hard for the welfare of Perak people. No time already....we are suffering for thie endness CHILD GAME! No matter what you and how you do...Pakatan and BN go to settle one for all.


Sarjan low said...


Most of us feel "Bey Tahan" already...

And I believe this time emotion will run into very dangerous level. One small single mistake can trigger "racial" or violent outbreak.

Now I seriously consider join politic as can't stand just watch it, I want get into it!