Monday, November 08, 2010

Petronas Deepavali Seasonal TV Ads 2010~ Ganesh little Giant

I love petronas seasonal festival tv ads. For the past few year i strongly feel petronas ads is the best. Although heard that the budget for all the petronas tv ads are superb huge, I guess its means nothing for a fortune 500 company.

Another thing i thought of petronas ads is Yasmin Ahmad. Prior to her death, lots of petronas TV ads are produced by her. There are talks saying Petronas TV Ads are not meaningful and touching as before...well.. for me it only double duple confirm and acknowledge the Gems of Yasmin Ahmad. Yet life must go on.

This year 2010, petronas introduce a gentle giant name ganesh..... The most touching moments for me is when her moms said " if you not big enough, where you have strength to carry me...." her moms is a disable...suddenly every seem to make sense after all.

I just remember, Petronas 2010 CNY tv ads is also about giant.....

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cklim said...

petronas ads are so insightful all the time