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Sungai Siput School..

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School nasty to weak and non-Malay students

~Concerned Parent

Jan 17, 11


I would like to highlight serious breaches in a public school in Sungai Siput's day to day operations that was brought to my attention and is unknown to many fellow Malaysians, who perceive the school's good reputation. I hope someone can look into the allegations that are raised and throughly investigate in order to return justice to the victims.

First of all, the vice-principal of this school apparently mocks the slower learning students on a daily basis with sarcastic remarks that deeply hurt and affect their emotional well-being. He further 'encourages' students who cannot catch up with the education system to leave school and disintegrate outside.

The principal who is always not around, has had his 'extracurricular' activities published in the local press, but no action has since been taken against him.

The school's officials also abuse their power by prematurely 'expelling' students at will by way of not publishing their names when the new term begins. These students are then deemed to have left school on their own accord and this false information is apparently submitted to the Education Ministry.

The school's teachers are also reluctant and extremely unpleased when quizzed about the performance of their students, with the VP periodically threatening expulsion if the students do not perform to his satisfaction and deemed to have brought the overall results of the school down.

The school also imposes Islamic religious practices on non-Muslim students and tells them to return to China and India respectively if they do not wish to conform.

In view of the seriousness of this matter, I hope that someone can assist the parents of the school to take these official to task, as such things should not be going on in the first place.

I believe the writer should provide the name of the school or at least hint the name of the school....letter like this very hard to prove and most probably create uneasy in racial harmony.

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