Sunday, September 18, 2011

Anti-Climax hiking experience at Bukit saga or Apek hill or Ah pak hill

On 18.09.2011(Sunday) i decided to hike bukit saga @ Cheras. Prior to that i was planning to hike 2 places in a row. First go to apek hill then straight to broga hill to complete my task. The main reason is because from the info i gather apek hill will only take 30-40 minute (off course i was pay for the mistake later). Beside that Apek hill is said to be famous spot for ah pek (old generation) i guess it should be fine to think big.

As i was hiking alone and first time going to find the place, i only manage to reach the entrance at 8.30am.

1. From KL-Leisure mall heading to Cheras-Kajang highway.
2. Bypass abandon phoenix plaze at right and petronas at left, make a exit to taman CUEPACS.
3. Bypass police training center at left and turn right
4. Go straight until u meet a split road. Turn left. Watch out for "Shell station" signage or econsave signage.
5. Go straight and turn left(if go straight will be going up hill road)
6. go straight and you will saw shell & econsave at traffic junction.
7. Turn right.
8. You can park your car along the roadside.
9. Entrance is via Jalan Awana 23

After park my car, i walk through resident area (200-300M) until i saw stall selling drinks. Thats should be the entrance...i guess. Without think twice i just start my hiking without warm up.

Entrance to Station 1.
This route is good for warm up exercise.Going up but not long distance. Station 1 is at the river bank.

Station 1 to 2
Here i feel some heavy loaded feeling. All the way up and quite long stretch.
about 20 minute from entrance.

Station 2 - 3
Here is the challenging part. Because we have warm up, stretch and now we really give it a push. i stop few time here. At station 3 you will see some people resting.

Station 3-Station4
Actually here is also tough. But after giving it a push since station 2, i don't feel any different during this route. Numb! But the route is quite flat at some point.

Station 4-Station 5
Not difficult and body started to get used of it.

Station 5-Station 6
Relaxing mood.. Station 6 is another big resting area. I thought i have reach the summit here but i saw a signage directing the way to summit is another 28 minute! Its already 60+ minute hike....i feel doubt whether want to go on or not as i was quite tired. However i give it a try.

Station 6 to summit
It's a anti-climax hike! Bit disappointed. From station 6 to summit is no more than garden walk!! If you can walk fast, its only took you 20 minute. Here is almost same as station 6. I wasn't stay long as i was thirsty and bit of dehydration at this point...... i didn't bring any bottle water!!!!

Summit to exit.
Just be careful when going down hill. The slope is dangerous especially after rain. I lost my way during getting out. wasted another 10 minute. When reach exit/entrance, i immediately buy drinks!!!!!

I underestimated bukit apek and make a big mistake when survey for information. Although Bukit saga is a hill, its still stood at about 421 meter (1,381 feet). Total time i took to hike Bukit saga@ah pek hill is 3 hours plus (Initial i thought is a 40 minute hike!!). I couldn't go Broga,getting lost, dehydration & my leg is cramp!

Although hill is not high, but it still make you sweating!

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