Monday, October 31, 2011

Hiking at Puchong Air Hitam Forest Reserve@Hutan Simpan Ayer Hitam Puchong

Heard That the UPM, & Forestry have reopen the hiking route. Only the road to waterfall is not allowed.

Hikers barred from entering Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve

This entrance has been blocked by Perhilitan Selangor.
I was going there on 28.04.12, however stopped by Forestry official at the entrance.
They setup a canopy and stop everyone going in using this route. Too bad, i guess this place is no more a hiking venue.

On 25th September 2011, i brought my kids for hiking at Hutan Simpan Ayer Hitam Puchong. We reach the entrance at 11.00am and finished the hiking at 1330PM. Normal tracking for this trail should around 1.30 - 2 hours.

There should be more than one entrance to this trail as i notice the view is different from what i have seen in web blog.

1) From LDP/KESAS head to Bandar Puteri Puchong
2) Bypass IOI mall & TESCO at your right
3) Turn left after TESCO and you will see Citibank/Giant hypermarket puchong at Left
4) Go straight and you will by pass hospital Columbia Asia at left
5) After Hospital Columbia Asia turn left at 1st traffic light
6) Immediately turn left again
7) Go straight by pass residential and apartment.
8) Turn right at the first available right turn.
9) Park your car at the end of the you will see shop lot at your left and residential at your right.

For more detail, can check here & here

First stage is going through a small rocky hill before you meet the entrance/exit to the trail at your right. I believe it will be better if we go straight further and start from the 2nd entrance/exit.

The different is if we use 1st entrance, not much challenging at all. You will going uphill for about 30 minute and all the way down till the exit. So if we reserve the route, we will have more uphill route.

At the first entrance you will see a big billboard. Walk about 15-20 minute you will reach 1st stop.Actually there is no indication it is a 1st stop. What make me think so is because the area is wide and flat...just nice for a break.

Another 20-25 minute you will reach the 2nd stop where it will be the top of the hill. Disappointed as nothing here. It just a empty space and surround by trees...

Going down all the way. Surprisingly it takes make me more than 1 hours to reach out. You will bypass 3rd stop at a small river before you see "arch" indicating this is a reserve forest manage under UPM.

Out of the jungle and go back using the same route.

Don't forget to buy some fresh coconut drinks at the roadside (near junction).


Anonymous said...

Thank you for a good article on Hutan Simpanan Ayer Hitam Puchong. UKM has proposed to close it and it would rob us of a great hiking place for healthy recreational activities. We can stop it if we attend the coming dialogue among the residents, UTM and Jabatan Perhutanan on May 27. Teresa Kok will be attending. Details at Please spread the word and get more residents to come and support.

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Anonymous said...

small forest hunter. let save our forest in the city