Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hiking At Bukit Ketumbar cheras @ Hutan Kayu Kayan Negara @ Bukit Seputih

On 07.11.2011 i make a family hiking trip to bukit ketumbar hill, cheras. Bukit Gasing is the most familiar hiking venue for PJ resident and for cheras folks, bukit saga and bukit ketumbar are well known for some light hiking exercise.

I got off late to the place as it was not planned. We reach the place at 5.00 pm. Thanks to some hiking blog information, i manage to find the place easily.

1. From kesas head toward MRR2
2. Bypass tesco Xtra cheras
3. Go under bridge roundabout just before "famous" safari mall
4. Turn to 3pm heading to jalan kuari
5. pass first traffic light
6. At the 2nd traffic light (just before petronas station) turn right
7. About 50 meter later turn right again and head toward ketumbar heights condominium
8. By pass the condominium and you will reach end of the road
9. park your car at roadside or parking area with RM 2.00 fees
10. the entrance is just infront of it.

At the entrace you will find some fruits & water stalls (typical like bukit saga)
At the first few steps, you will find a small temple(pray first ya) you can choice either turn right (longer trail) or go straight (shorter) but more acceleration. As first timer, i didn't notice the right path and go straight forward.

Bukit ketumbar hill is well known among elder residents and that's why you will find most of the hiker is uncle or Auntie with grandson/daughter. So again it is typical another "apek hill". What annoyed me most is some of the hiker bring along the dogs and let them run freely. My daughter was extreme scare as one of the dogs come sniff around and even jump on me..... Again and again typical attitude not respecting others. No wonder i couldn't find any malay hiker here.

As it was raining in the morning, the road are very slippery with muddy all over the path. Its a all way up till you reach the summit where you will see large empty space with all the recreation park facilities built by the residents. Here you can take a break after 30-45 minute hike.

When going back i choose the other road which is longer trail. The residents told me that path can enjoy KL view. So being first and most probably last visit, i take the advice.

After bout 30 minute we reach a well dedicated place for hiker to enjoy great KL view. Its not bad at all where you can view the KL scene...bit similar view like standing at "look up Point" ampang.

When the time we reach exit its almost 7.00pm.

The trail take about 1 hours to 1.5 hours to complete and its a very easy hike. Trail are easy to find as basically one way up and one way down.

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