Saturday, December 03, 2011

Evening Hike at Broga Hill Semenyih @ bukit broga semenyih

Today(3-12-2011) i was too bored being alone in house. So i decided to go for a hike...and broga hill was on my mind as i didn't complete it last time when going with my family. It was 2.00 pm when i arrived at the broga hill entrance. It was very hot days (34 Celsius) and i must do it quick to avoid thunderstorm in the evening.

1. From semenyih town,look for broga or university of Nottingham signage
2. or when you saw petronas station on your right, turn left at the trafic light
3. Drive about 5 minute you will meet University of Nottingham on your left
4. Another 3 minute from there you will notice Broga Hill signage at the entrance
5. Opposite the entrance are a mini rabit farm.
6. Pay Rm 2.00 as the parking area are private property.

From parking walk about 5 minute you will see the Broga Hill signage. Another 5 minute you will have a pleasure to know got drinks stall! When reach here indicated its the beginning going into the "jungle".

From the drinks stall, hike about 15-20 minute you will reach the first hill to climb(for me the first hill is the most difficult part of the whole hiking trip). Last time my kids couldn't go up and stuck at the middle of this hill because too slippery for kids. But this time should be no problems as i was alone.......and also alone in this whole area...(Where got people so stupid hike broga at the most heated time)

Once reach the top of the 1st hill, a magnificient scenery already infront of our eye. From here we need to go on from small hill to small hill to reach the peak. Its easy walk all the way from here onwards. Just follow the main path, walk in between the grass.

When i come over to the 3rd hill, i was surprise to see rows of small colorful "flag" at there. From the blogsite info, i never come across got such thing hanging. When i go closer, i was taken a back as it is not normal "flag". It is some chinese ritual mantra "flag"....which normally use at funeral, ritual events or even special religious occasion. The things been put on by chinese ritual people. I also found out got chinese praying "kuih", rice and burning spot...

As i mention earlier, i was alone here and don't be optimistic about hoping to see others trackker passing by, i started feel cold on my shoulder.... chicken out! Add to the "Cold", i could hear praying sound come from somewhere nearby the hill. But I understand nearby got memorial service center like famous nirvana memorial park must be the echo transmitted via the mountain, somemore it so quite here..

Well, i already reach here, the rain shall be coming and just a couple of meter will be the summit...without thinking much longer i walk towards the summit pass by the "flag" above me....

I reach the place where you need to scramble pass two rock. luckily my "tough" body still manage get it over.

Well here we are at the top of the broga hill. There are signage indicated here is the summit and the height is 400 meter. i quickly take some photo and start going down...(inside my mind i still trouble by the "flag")...

Going down is much much easier but have to be careful as the condition can be slippery. As i went on the afternoon heat and night before that got raining, the surface is just nice for my shoe to grab on.

When i approching the 1st hill, i saw some hiker arrived. You never know how much i relieve after that.. acting cool i smile and say hallo... And the time is 3.30pm.

I was very thirsty as didn't bring water to this ad-hoc hike. Hopefully the aunty selling drink will still be there waiting for me. But it didn't happen. Aunty already went back..

So when i reach my car, it already 4.00 pm. Exactly 2 hours hiking. Once i get on the car and drove off, the rain started...thanks god.

***The sad part of this hiking is too many rubbish around and too many vandalism putting their name on the rock or signboard. If this continue on i believe broga hill will no more a nice place to hike.


Aida Marie Mohamad said...

Hi Sarjan Low. Nice blog. Great photos of Bukit Broga. I don't have to hike, your photos are good enough. Anyway, are you with the army, navy or airforce?

Sarjan low said...

Hi aida,
I'm ex wataniah, rotu infantry.

nelson chow said...

Nice blog

Azri Badri said...

Nice photo. Thanks